Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Golau Glau – Foolstide

They’ve only gone and made a Christmas present for you all, you can download it for free on the link bellow. It’s their unique silver pop take on a Christmas single about ‘when the Puritans banned Christmas for 13 years in the 17th century’. The b-side is a x-mass vision of off-kilter-8-bit about, ‘Greek tragedy and The End Of Time (Doctor Who)’ subjects that resonate with the time of the year perfectly if you ask me. Both tracks are full of funk’d up drum loops, seasonal vibes and liquid bubbles of Christmas bass. It sounds not unlike pulling a cracker and the toy falling in the gravy, a scene that is met with a mixture of traditional joyfulness but with a meaty undercurrent of slightly drunken unease and silliness when you suck the toy of its meat goo, as a younger sibling is playing on there new Nintendo in the background, enjoy.

Download: Golau Glau – Foolstide


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