Monday, 31 August 2009


Back again with a mini round up of records from my bag, check out more in-depth pieces including interviews and mixes on the badass Sonic Router.

Gatekeeper/Appleblim & Gatekeeper – Hades/Tomb VIP [Immerse]
Dark doom fuelled steppa with a jungelist vibe and the ghost of Skull Disco looming near, you really can hear the original spirit of dubstep on this platter: Immense from Immerse.

Pearson Sound – PLSN/WAD [Hessle Audio]
It bleeps and bounces like a squirrel trapped in a box on the dance floor and is easily one of the most addictive 12”s around. PLSN goes a little deeper and WAD keeps it funky.

Karizma – Neccessarry Maddness/Drumz Nightmare [R2]
Some broken funky house with a raw edge from the US, the A side comes on like a sugar rush with its bleeps and breaks the flip takes things on a more soulful tip.

Goth-Trad – Dark Path/S.A.T.U.R.N [Deep Medi]
Big soundsystem bangers from Japan, one mellow and spaced out while the other one is on an intense techno-like tip. The more I listen the more I get hooked.

Shorstuff - A Rusteling/Stuff [Ramp]
Incredible first solo outing on a 12” from Shortstuff, A Rustling is so broken it hurts (in a good way), the bass is fucked and both tracks come on like a shot of adrenaline to the heart.

Spamchop & Geiom – Cave Rave/Sirius Star [Berkane Sol]
Speed boating into focus like a mutant techy garage hybrid, it wouldn’t be out of place on a SNES racing game, while the other side Cave Rave gives a broken energetic bleep out with an awesome bass drone.

Rustie – Bad Science EP [Wireblock]
Killer EP from Glasgow’s finest imprint, low swung crunked out bleeps and bass that sounds like your copy of Mario got a virus that gave it a mind of its own and it turns out he’s a bit evil. The title track comes on like Zombie Nation era electro trance being kicked down the stairs by Terror Danjah.

Unknown Artist – Space Invader/Human [Dancing Demons]
Mysterious 12” yet again from this new label, Space Invader jabbers and pummels you with bass before having to load up Atari style in the drop. The flip is deep and has one hell of a switch up after the drop.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Anata Wa Sukkari Tsukarete Shimai – Sweetness & Light EP [Bearsuit Records]

The project between Japanese experimental artists _, Bradford’s Gnomefoam and Bunny has already produced one exhilarating EP for net label Rack & Ruin, in fact you can read about that here and even go and download it for free very soon. The name of that project was the Horror Punk EP full of noisy elements with a playful feel to it, the Sweetness & Light EP for Bearsuit Records is the flip side to that, a down beat dreamy affair that’s all together easier on the ear but just as sonically ambitious.

There is a really beautiful fuzzy dream like daze on the Sweetness & Light EP, shimmering guitars with shoegaze like qualities a build hazy atmosphere. The songs aren’t as insane as the Horror Punks EP here you get to know the more melancholic side to their musical bows. There’s a glitchy electronic feel to the music but it’s not mechanical and cold, it’s the complete opposite in fact, full of warmth and really playful and organic.

Some of my favourite tracks are the wonderful opener ‘Forsake’ with the robo voice opening and sublime guitar shimmer that builds a subtle soundscape around the beautifully sweet vocals buy I presume _ as they’re on Japanese are just gorgeous. The way AWSTS use found sounds in their songs always makes me smile, you hear crackles of what sounds like fire or just everyday things you cant quite put your finger on but they really give the music a living breathing feel. The track ‘Bearskin’ shows this wonderfully with a windswept whistle running through it, which makes you feel like you’re stuck alone on the moors. But the track isn’t as simple as that it breaks out into playful bleepy electronica like your still stuck out on the moors alone but you’ve started hallucinating. This group often send you in new and interesting tangents.

Sweetness & Light flows so beautifully there is a real emotional feel to this music, even when the vocals are obscured in fuzzy dream like distortion at times you can just feel an underlying sense of sadness. At times here AWSTS remind me of a lo-fi M83 without the big cheesy epic ambition, its more subtle than that though and more personal.

Anata Wa Sukkari Tsukarete Shimai make some beautiful and insane music sometimes all at once, they are a diverse bunch of artists that come together here to create a beautifully EP that both pulls on your heart strings and makes interesting new shapes with a wonderful sonic pallet. They will draw you in an demand repeated listens.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Jack Sparrow – The Chase/Jack Sparrow & Biggins – Fullest [Tectonic]

Originally written for Sonic Router.

Leeds producer and DJ Jack Sparrow has had a few releases under his belt for the likes of Senseless, Contagious and Pinch’s other label ‘Earwax but now he is to drop his first 12” for Tectonic. These two tracks are definitely heavy weight Tectonic material; with that deep techy spacious sound the label is known for and does so well.

The Chase opens the 12” in deep dark style with rolling tribal drums and pummelling sub bass. With dubbed out samples saying ‘Hard…core’ adding more dark space. The drums really propel this one as does the sense of dread the shadowy sounds bring. It’s an excellent example of dark dubstep.

Biggins joins Sparrow for the flip Fullest. It’s a slightly more soulful affair with midnight soul stabs over jungelist bass and skipping drum patterns. There is still that spacious techy vibe; it’s got that deep meditation feel to it that makes you want to close your eyes and let the track carry you.

Jack Sparrow is definitely one to watch and currently working on his debut album for release on ‘Earwax. And if his recent mix on Mary Anne Hobbs’ Experimental is anything to go by it proves he has plenty up his sleeve. But for now set your eyes on this Tectonic plate and take in the vibrations.

For an added extra why not download some of his free dubs…

One & Two.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Elemental – 925/Arise [Reduction Records]

Originally written for Sonic Router.

Dark, tough and techy jungelist vibes from Elemental that’s rolling out like thunder on Reduction Records with two heavy weight floor shakers. Both sound like they come from a different world, one where giant creatures speak in bass bubbles in open space while they construct a giant death star.

925 comes on like a spaceships control panel, all wurring glowing sounds with dubbed out bleeps before the almost jungle like techy breaks roll out under a solitary female voice wailing in the space behind. When the control panel sounds switch up in a sudden burst of energy before the bass drops this track really comes to life. The bass is dark as hell the subs down low pound you as alien jabbers shake the rest.

The flip side comes in the shape of Arise, this takes the spaced out synth hooks and put them up front with rattling drums before really letting go with the bass weight. The bass lines on this one drag you in, they’re addictive and sound massive. The snare comes off sounding like a heavy-duty cyber hammer of some sort, smashing metal in an unknown atmosphere.

Elemental has constructed a deep and sinister vision on this Reduction Records platter and proves that the darkness is still very much alive in dubstep today. This is well worth a look.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Download: Vladislav Delay – Melankolia (Edit) [Leaf]

A fresh track from Vladislav Delay’s forthcoming album Tummaa has dropped in my inbox to share with you lot, the album is to be released on August 24th on the fantastic Leaf label and I’ll be reviewing it here at a later date. Vladislav Delay was brought to my attention by Leaf after hearing of my love for Vertical Ascent the fantastic album by Mortitz Von Oswald Trio who Sasu Ripatti aka Vladislav Delay is part of. So get your ears around this beautiful piece of almost jazz like electronica as a taster of things to come.

Download: Vladislav Delay – Melankolia (Edit)

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Anata Wa Sukkari Tsukarete Shimai – Horror Punks EP [Rack & Ruin]

Coming on like a fucked up noise driven glitch addled punk pop hybrid Anata Wa Sukkari Tsukarete Shimai is the latest project from the enigma that is _ from Japan and Bradford’s Gnomefoam and Bunny. It’s hard to explain exactly what kind of music lays within this seven track EP, which you can download for free on the fantastic net label Rack & Ruin. You could say that this is the flip side to the project AWSTS did for Bearsuit (words on the way soon), which was mellow and glitchy this one is insane, a no holds barred journey into the unknown and you know what its loads of fun.

The gentle opener ‘Evergreen no niwa ni kirisame’ opens with sweet Japanese lyrics and what sounds like an accordion before looping into some crunchy beats and eerie electronics. The Punkieness of the title really kicks off on track two which comes off like an insane Go Team! But with lo-fi noisy guitars and descends into a thrashy metal like beast at the end. You really don’t know what’s coming next with AWSTS right after the full on thrash of ‘I wish they all could be horror punks’ comes the quirky dreamy off key poppieness of Persistent damp problems haunt my keyboard’ which sounds like its been made out of clockwork robots.

An un-doubted highlight for me is ‘Moisture container and the pain in my arm’ with its catchy melody and fuzzed out distorted lyrics that echo the title as a lonesome guitar and electronics try and freak the shit out of you. The next track somehow reminds me of a twisted hip-hop track if it wasn’t so off the wall you could imagine Biggie Smalls rhyming against the breaks and strings. This idea is only enhanced for me when the piano loop of ‘Lost in the forest of blank sportswear’ comes in but then soon gets dismissed when the track melts into a freaked out noisy ballad with fuzzy buzzy sounds and pluck melodies that give way to distorted melancholic guitars, wonderful. The EP closer does exactly what it says on the tin ‘Goodbye Until We Meet Again’…

The two combine forces to create a strange skewed vision of punky pop played though found sounds and electronics, its music made by any means necessary. The Horror Punks EP is experimental by nature but still manages to twist out some song-like wonders, its almost like switching on the radio and surfing the airwaves, once in a while a song pops out of the fuzz. This juxtaposition of all out freewheeling experimentation and catchiness brings a joyous energy to the EP that gets under your skin.

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Golau Glau

The dreamy electronic duo Golau Glau haven’t been around to long and like to keep themselves to themselves making music when they can, in fact they only started making music together in June and dropped a free single called ‘Soft Silver Young’ in July this year. They describe their music as Silver Pop as it seems to come from a different place they bring together off-kilter electronics and beautiful vocals to create something that’s truly theirs. There music hasn’t gone un-noticed in their short time either they’ve already had props from the Guardian’s new music Wednesday slection, Mr Beatnick and Blue Daisy not to mention an impressive selection of others like Shortstuff and Numan commenting on their myspace page.

The links to download the debut net single can be found bellow and if that’s not enough they put up tracks they finish on Last FM for your downloading pleasure. There are ten tracks there under the ‘Arrianna’ section. These Silver Pop nuggets range from all out dreamy numbers to more beat fuelled dance orientated tracks and they all have this otherworldly mellow vibe that’s both strange and wonderful all at once. It’s brought on by the beautiful juxtaposition of vocals and electronics, which can be hard to come by at times but here its done so well and gives Golau Glau an instantly accessible appeal.

Some of my Silver Pop highlights so far are… the rolling sunshine tinted ‘Summer Games’ the percussion and woozy organ sounds do it for me. The glitchy beats on ‘Virtual Boy’ sound like a Gameboy playing breakbeat while rolling down a hill but this is all done under hazy vocals it’s a brilliant wonk-fuelled 8-bit meets Portishead variation of some kind, brilliant. Something about ‘Le Dame Blanche’ and ‘The Moon Illusion’ reminds me of the italo disco stylings of Sally Shapiro but a lot more dreamy. ‘A Better Drinker’ has an almost dubstep beat to it with a heatbeat vibe to it that suits the laid back lyrical delivery and spaced out soundscapes really well. The catchy little number ‘Snap’ with the line “boys boys records, crazy noise records” makes me smile over a 80s infused almost Postal Service backing works really well. ‘Placer Hush’ is another highlight again it’s the mad electronics that make it for me.

Check them out for your self on the links bellow…

Golau Glau – Soft Silver Young

Golau Glau – Arrianna



Friday, 14 August 2009

Club Defcon @ Fibbers, York. 14th August 2009

I’ve been asked to spin again at Club Defcon this Friday, so I’ll be reaching for more upfront dubstep, funky, wonk, all things beyond and between. I’ll be on the bill with resident Decoy Rocktopus and the spooky Herman Munster playing their own eclectic blend of electro/house/Baltimore/bassline/grime/jams. So get down early and party through the night it's going to go off.

10:30pm - 3am // £4 otd, £3 b4 11:30 with NUS/Flyer

Facebook Group

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

10-20 – Island [Highpoint Lowlife]

As part of the Landforms EP series 10-20 drops the first of the four instalments ‘Island’ on us and there is no let up in quality at all after his excellent self-titled album earlier in the year, which is still on heavy rotation from me. Island takes things down a slightly smoother route, and this might be the beautiful weather talking but there seems to be a woozy sunshine vibe going on here. You can hear tropical streams and shimmering pads of sound played off against the glitch riddled beats and electronics until they all melt together.

The opener ‘Pol’ sounds like a waterfall and stream fed through electronic sound, the way the glitches and pads flow and take over are so hypnotic, then the track switches up into an off-kilter electro jam before melting back into the calm. It’s a brilliant start and maybe the stand out track here for me.

The more beat driven ‘Hallow’ takes over next with a subtle shuffle and electronic surf washes up on the side of a shore before beautiful looped pads make you fall into a blissful state. These first two tracks show the hazy side of 10-20 that’s for sure.

Things get a little more industrial on ‘Nei (reversion)’ it has a crunch and wurr like distant machinery but with an underlying softness that gives the track a unique atmosphere. The phrase I used for the s/t album still rings true here, it’s like flowing down a river and past a working industrial estate you can hear the working urban environment rubbing against natural elements.

The finale comes in the shape of the dreamy ‘Thing From Inner Space’ there is a hypnotic feeling here like the night is drawing in and the muggy heat of day is dispersing into a gentle cool. It drones and crackles and finishes off the EP really well.

10-20’s Island EP is a wonderful listen and a great start to the Landforms series, which is sounding very good indeed and explores many sounds from the sublime and ghostly to neon and beyond.

Future Sounds Of Highpoint Lowlife Mixtape

Download: 10-20 – Landforms Mix

Monday, 10 August 2009

Zomby - One Foot Ahead Of The Other EP [Ramp]

Back again from the dead Zomby walks amongst us One Foot Ahead Of The Other. A double EP of day-glow psychedelic bleep driven music that only the man himself can make, in some ways this is the natural successor to last years amazing Hyperdub EP full of twists and turns, flailing Gameboy sounds, freaked and tweaked arpeggiated synths and deep undulating bass. But this time the beats are more four to the floor rather than the lopsided boom bap of its predecessor. Its all somehow more floaty and dreamy too, make no mistake these tracks will destroy dance floors but this by hypnotising them.

The title track opens proceedings in fine style the break-y beats combined with a sublime bleep bloop melody over some chest beating bass create a beautiful melancholy yet energetic number. Zomby’s use of melody is something else on this EP he’s always had an ear for it but it really drives the One Foot Ahead Of The Other EP. Helter Skelter has a similar feel to much of the Hyperdub EP with twisted speeding up and down synth motifs and a monster groove, you get a wicked fucked up energy from it.

You flip and reveal yet more bombs Pumkinhead’s Revenge is easily one of the highlights for me the bleeping high end makes psychedelic shapes and switches over a steady driving four four beat and the odd deep bass 808-esq stab. Its almost as if acid house has been torn a new a-hole by beings not from this world.

The lilting twists of Polka Dot create such a tense pent up energy that will keep the dance floor on edge. There is a kind of Baltimore house bounce at play here somehow, it really is hard to categorise Zomby he’s been embraced by the dubstep community yet is something else entirely, he’s out on his own...

The sublime shimmer of Godzilla may well be some of the best work Zomby has put out to date, you can get lost in those twinkling shifting melodies and spaced out grooves that the bass and beats bring. It switches up into an energetic finale too.

The deep bass driven groove of Expert Tuition is probably the most dubstep sounding thing on here, but with added skip and shuffle. Again the EP’s trademark is those killer synth hooks and bleeps but here we get a nice smeared neon synth line that gives a woozey feel.

The last side kicks off with Bubble Bobble which I’m guessing is inspired at least in title by the amazing computer game of old, there is certainly a bubbly feel to it you can hear shapes in his synth work. This would have fitted in nicely on the Hyperdub EP too, the beats really propel this one, this is fucked up.

Mescaline Cola has a futuristic dancehall bass and bumping jacking beats that play under yet more woozy smeared synth lines and addictive bleeping tweaked out melodies, this is another favourite of mine.

The EP comes to a head with Firefly Finale, a moving almost emotional sounding end of night number that sounds like it could have come straight out of a scene in an RPG on the SNES but perked up for the dance floor.

One Foot Ahead Of The Other is a special EP you just don’t hear music like this from anyone else, Zomby is a talent pushing his own vision further with each step. The Hyperdub EP pushed things forward but was to weird for some the groves were hard and strange but here he’s brought melody to the forefront and made something that’s easier to listen to yet doesn’t compromise any of his deranged twisted ideas, this will win over a lot of new fans. This has to be one of the must have EP’s of the year. Zomby has found that if he puts One Foot Ahead Of The Other he doesn’t put a step wrong.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Silkie – City Limits Volume 1 [Deep Medi]

Silkie has been producing since he was about 15 making grime and garage infused beats he was also about during dubstep’s rise on the London underground, places like FWD>> inspired him to make it himself and really get stuck in. Now as part of the Anti-social Entertainment crew’s extended family with the likes of Quest, Harry Craze and Henny G amongst others he has carved out a sound all of his own and got picked up by Mala’s essential Deep Medi label where an album was on the cards right away and after some quality, sort after 12”s from the man his debut full length City Limits Volume 1 is finally with us.

‘Concrete Jungle’ opens proceedings with field recordings of the city, horns, cars and a distant crackle this sets the scene for the huge purple bass tones and plastic horns. Silkie knows his way around a groove and every track on here has one, as a trained pianist he knows how to get a jazz infused soul vibe going too. He has an almost trade mark way of using keys and pads that echo the past not unlike the high tech soul of Detroit’s Underground Resistance.

The rhythms fit in somewhere between dubstep’s half-step moodiness and the skipping rolling funk of garage without really sounding like either of the two, Silkie makes his own broken soul variant that really takes these tracks forward. It goes without saying for a Deep Medi release that the bass is pretty damn huge and one of the main elements of each track. He has a deep distinctive warm sound that he twists and warps into some serious grooves.

There are plenty of highlights as the album flows so well but here are some of mine… The smooth electro beats and space age synth lines of ‘Sty’ that drop into some serious boogie bass and a dancehall chug-a-chug sample gets me into a blessed out bass bounce every time. The jungle-esq cut’n’paste breaks on ‘Quasar’ is a good touch and its no surprise to see L.D credited for extra arrangements here it has that rhythmic bump to it. The Mizz Beats collaboration ‘Purple Love’ takes twisted lazzer guided bass lines and synth arpeggios and creates a warm neon glow around a floorless and hypnotic track.

‘Planet X’ drops into one of the most addictive bass lines around along with heaps of soul and some quality skippy percussion in the top end. The industrial crunch and noisy dub pad of ‘Head Butt Da Deck’ really mashes up dance floors and that purple G-Funk infused Dr. Dre-like synth that plays over the piano breakdown really makes it special.

The final two tracks really make City Limits; ‘The Horizon’ is an absolute anthem the piano intro gives way to some almighty euphoric funk squiggles and spacey loved up, blissed out vibes this is only enhanced by the closing number ‘Beauty’, which has that end of night feel to it like you’ve been dancing for hours but have it in you for one last track there is a loved up sadness to it that the end of a big session brings.

With City Limits Silkie has made an essential dubstep album that really showcases his deep and soulful sound, he doesn’t deviate from what he does so well it’s a singular vision and all the better for it. There is a perfect balance of light and dark in Silkie’s work you get the rough and ready dance floor energy along side smooth grooves. He keeps the original dubstep vibes of space and bass then updates it with his own unique formula for today’s dance floors.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Mickey Pearce – Innami/Martin Kemp – No Charisma [Blunted Robots]

Blunted Robots is a brand new label run by two young upstarts Brackles and Shortstuff. They are big in the game right now pushing new and exciting sounds that overlap somewhere in the fringes of both dubstep and funky. This first release reflects this perfectly.

Innami is a rough a ready bashment style house track with broken riddims and full on vocals. Its full of energy brought on by the freaked out bass pulses and deranged synth lines that twist into bleeped out shapes. Mickey Pearce has made a rudeboy hybrid of mutant funky and bashment that would make his Nan proud.

The flip No Charisma by Martin Kemp has been making a lot of noise and getting plays from everyone from Cooly G to brother Brackles and beyond. It’s a futuristic take on funky with dub wise sensibilities, broken beats that skip and bump with a chunky, punchy precision. The synth lines make this track for me the way they tweak and bubble gives a mad energy to the deep bass space and off-kilter rolling rhythms.

Here you get two badass productions, on a brand new label that’s owned by two of the scenes brightest shinning lights, with some killer artwork by the Wigflex crew. That makes for an essential purchase in my book. Rise up funky, dubstep, ‘Wot U Call It?’ hybrid crew it’s your time!

Originaly writen for Sonic Router.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Gold Panda – Miyamae EP [Various Productions]

Various Productions have branched out their label into releasing music from others the first of which being Gold Panda who has been around a bit on remix duties for indie types like Bloc Party, Telepathe, Little Boots and Simian Mobile Disco, usually that’s a bit of a put off but this debut EP of original material is damn nice and dismisses the suspicion of a big book of industry connections over talent really quickly, I hope I can be forgiven for this first impression but the indie remix hasn’t exactly been fertile ground of late.

Gold Panda makes a subtle sort of glitchy electronica not unlike some Four Tet, interesting and quite easy on the ear. The three tracks on the Miyamae EP go from a glitch ridden looped out techno on ‘Mayuri’ and ‘Back Home’ that’s almost reminiscent of The Field in that it samples live instruments and twists them into new shapes, to more electronica based slightly off-kilter stuff like on ‘Long Vacation’ which almost has a glitch-hop/dubstep feel to it.

The Miyamae EP is a nice introduction into the world of Gold Panda ‘Mayuri’ is the most dance floor orientated of the bunch and one of the highlights, ‘Long Vacation’ comes a close second for its twisting up of old Super Nintendo game sounds. It’s a very enjoyable listen indeed, Various Productions have spread the net on their label wider and hit Gold… Panda.

GOLD PANDA - Back Home from NO-FACE Films on Vimeo.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Worriedaboutsatan – Arrivals Remixed [Gizeh Recordings]

If you were lucky enough to pick up the limited addition copy of Worriedaboutsatan’s latest album Arrivals you will know that you not only got the fantastic full length but a whole second disc remixing choice cuts from the album, and what a treat it is too. Don’t be disappointed if you missed it though I swear they mentioned releasing it a bit later in the year on its own merit.

The original explored the areas between post-rock soundscapes full of guitar fuzz and swirling epic structures, glitch riddled electronica and a minimal techno pulse Arrivals Remixed takes these ideas further down the electronic end of the spectrum and ends up with some quality results from a diverse bunch. You get members from all sides turning in remixes: from the post rock end of things you get Her Name is Calla and Glissando, then from the electronic side you get Marco Zenker and p45 amongst others.

The album opens with a sublime little re-interpretation of One Down by Enkidu it’s an acoustic sounding number that’s really catchy and beautiful with loops and field recordings, it sets the scene really well.

Munich’s Marco Zenker turns one of my favourite tracks from the original album Evil Dogs into a deep dubbed out minimal techno bomb, when the kick drum drops its got some power to it. Subtle percussive elements drive things forward as Worriedaboutsatan’s soundscapes get twisted into new techno shapes. This could well be the highlight of the package for me.

The small binding segments of Arrivals that go by the dots even get a twist added to them by Umber..

Leeds producer P45 who I saw warm up for The Mother Fucking Gaslamp Killer and Flying Lotus at Leeds Uni earlier in the year turns in an electro infused drum and bass remix of Arrivals that moves along with a rush of energy, darkside bass drones and ambient pads. It’s a really nice switch up of the original and proves to be another highlight.

The deep space-like arrangement that Khixbrrr come up with for All Things But You Are Silent is beautiful, the bleeps that play off the brooding drones and guitars that are followed by a techno pulse and looped out groove works really well as a middle ground between post-rock and dance music.

Label mates and all round brilliant band Her Name Is Calla turn their talents to I Am A Crooked Man and they bring the string led cello drones and ambient stylings with them, and to great effect. They build a ghostly sound around them, which is only broken by a robotic voice with some lyrics this adds an even more sinister edge to already the spookiest track here.

Her Eyes Static make You’re In My Thoughts into a melancholic yet euphoric grinding electronic meets post rock number not unlike a noisy variation on the M83 sound, its full of bitter sweet ecstasy and I must say its one of my favourite moods in music that energising sadness gets me every time.

The final remix comes in the form of another label mate Glissando who turn their post rock powers into gold on another variant on the track that opened this remix package One Down. They take the pulsing deep synth line and play it over soothing pads of sound its a hypnotic piece.

The remix artists manage to keep the brooding almost romantic, longing nature of the original album and flip it up into different styles it has to be one of the best remix albums around. Worriedaboutsatan have collected some quality remixes that add another dimension to Arrivals, they have also flagged up some artists I just know I have to check out. Arrivals Remixed stands on its own just as well as it does next to the original, a wonderful piece of work.

Worriedaboutsatan have just set up a blog where they put up allsorts ranging from audio of practise sessions, Sportify play lists and remixes of them and by them, along with the usual blogger gubbins. Check it out…

Previous Worriedaboutsatan

Worriedaboutsatan – You’re In My Thoughts
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