Saturday, 5 June 2010

Zander Hardy – Hard EP [Deep Teknologi]

This is some seriously dark and techy UK funky, it’s the sound of a dark basement with a big soundsystem, no lights and plenty of slinky dancing. West-Londoner Zander Hardy drops the second release on Deep Teknologi in the shape of the three-track EP Hard. This Zander Hardy 12” follows in the wake of T. Williams and Cooly G who have been making similarly dark and stripped back UK funky material of late, keeping things simple, rolling and dubby all while keeping one eye firmly on the dance floor.

The bumping industrial clatter of ‘Attack’ manages to stay rolling and slinky while keeping its menacing darkness and wide-screen bass pulses all via a sinister sci-fi Blade Runner-esq atmosphere. The harder, ‘Signalling (To The Chosen One’s)’ buzzes with a frazzled digital dissidence above driving UK funky drum patterns, like a warning signal that the party will self destruct if you don’t keep moving. We get more soulful on ‘Get Away’ with its eerie atmosphere and smoky chords over big pulsing drum kicks and bass tones that just keep rolling and make you shake like only UK funky can.

This darker end of UK funky is keeping me interested right now: Deep Teknologi and Zander Hardy hit the right buttons. Alongside other UK funky mutations from the likes of Altered Natives, DVA and Night Slugs to name but a few they hold their own and keep things diverse in your record box.

Deep Teknologi - Mary Anne Hobbs Mix - BBC Radio 1 by deepteknologi


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