Saturday, 6 December 2008

Echodub Presents: Anechoic Chamber (A free album)

Go and grab this excellent free album from the people over at Echodub its twenty tracks of blissful and deep dubstep, techno and anything in-between. Don’t sleep on this it has to be one of the best free packages I have come across in a while. Link at the end of post…

Track List:

Absense - Good Love
Kwality - Doug Wilson
Vishnu - David Makes Triangles
Indigo - Golden Proportion
Furesshu - The Leopard
Sines - Beneath Me
DFRNT - Surface
Foiledtorsos - The Specialist
Furesshu - Tel Aviv
HxdB - Silent Q
Indigo - Matter
Solar Constant - Northern Divide
king slaFF - Sacrifice
Sines - Test Four
Akema - Cold Hearted
king slaFF - Within
Substep Infrabass - The Entity
Tangka - Salamander
Foiledtorsos - Ultra Analog Dub
DFRNT - Quite Simply

If I had to choose some highlights I would go for the opener Good Love by Absense with it’s Deep Chord style dub techno vibes, Ingo’s sublime Golden Proportion this track has some bass weight to it and the flickering melodies play off the tinkling percussion perfectly. Sines turns in a soca infused deep number with skitting drum patterns and techy overlays, not to mention the vocoder style breakdown on Beneath me. Echodub collective founder DFRNT smashes it with the bass heavy Surface as the pads build a dreamy atmosphere around you. Ingo’s second beast on the album Matter is also a big one with hard swung techno drums and dubby vibes. Northren Divide by Solar Constant slays me each time I listen to it, the future garage drums skip things along nicely with the deep and menacing chords as the female vocal snippets add some soul. Talking of Menace King slaFF brings it in bucket loads with Sacrifice with bass drones and four to the floor techno drums. Tangka’s water drenched jungle tones on Salamander bring some dense heat to the album you can almost feel your clothes sticking to you. DFRNT finishes things off in a melodic melancholy tech-dub style on Quite Simply quality stuff.

Check out the feedback from the Dubstepforum crew if you don’t believe me.

Promo Video:

Echodub - Anechoic Chamber Video from Echodub on Vimeo.

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