Thursday, 4 December 2008

Man is Slapped

The one man indie electronica fella from York dropped me his demo and he won’t be getting a slap from me for it. He brings together some synthy computer elements with a bit of instrumentation to make a lo-fi yet truly compelling listen.

The tracks are a nice mixture of blissful elctronic soundscapes with bleeps and accessible indie pop hooks with nice lyrics about girls and airports.

Opener The Crash is a quirky number about just waking up in a hospital and not really knowing what’s going on. This turns out to be a pretty up beat number considering the lyrical content. The way he harmonises with himself is excellent and the hooks are damn good too.

The Air of Budapest has some really beautiful understated instrumentation but the vocals make me cringe a little at times. I love the use of duh duh dum dum’s in a cheerful yet subtle way. The epic strings really make this track for me.

Running to the Airport has some almost junglist drums under some digital voice harmonies. For some reason the vocals remind me of early Flaming Lips but I’m not sure why.

Closer Unnecessary Fuss has some very nice what sounds like looped acoustic guitar samples and some vocals that all make it sound a bit like Alfie crossed with The Field. The bleeps and more loops build with harmonies to make a cracking little track.

Go and check out Man is Slapped on myspace

Download the demo here

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