Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Maths – Descent [Holy Roar]

Maths have been on my radar for a while after releasing a quality split EP last year with Throats on Holy Roar, it set my stereo on fire with pure energy and relentless passion. They utilise the screamo tools of shredding guitar riffs and as the name suggests a throat bursting vocal delivery. They couple that with a post-punk meets hardcore musicality that sounds heavy as hell but with purpose. The band self recorded this album in their home studio in Norfolk and its testament to their talent that they nailed the sound. A sound which has an effortlessly flowing intensity that builds and peaks at all the right times, they don’t just go for the one, two, three, four shred brutality of other heavy bands they decide to build something and come out the better for it.

There are so many highlights on Descent and the album effortlessly flows as one whole piece. ‘Belief in Sorrow’ kicks things off with backwards tones and a shining melodic sound, like you’ve just woke up a bit a bit dazed and melancholic before you are smashed into despair with heavy riffs. They build solid powerful tunes that twist and turn effortlessly into each other, which the flow into the second track ‘Culpa’ shows, with its chugging riffs that soon melt into emotive chords and the funk’d up bass of ‘Wilderness’, which reminds me of Sonic Youth a bit, there is a spaced out emotion to it that something like Daydream Nation has.

The relentless pressure of ‘From Her Journals’ and ‘Boundless’ feed with euphoric power into ‘Sleep Deep’, which has an intense crescendo full of brutal physical drumming and adrenaline fuelled riffing topped off with throat shedding vocals, but the build isn’t all they have here, they soon drop into a melodic section that prolongs the intensity. It tough to make the vocals out through the shrieks and shredding but you get a hell of a lot from the delivery and odd word you pick up on.

It’s the guitar tones and tight interplay that keeps Maths sounding heavy with an evocative edge, they know when to turn on the power and throw out a melody. ‘…And Left To Die’ shows them at their melodic best, with a pent up calm before the storm feel to it that you just know is going to break out sooner or later. And that comes true with ‘Branches’ where they really tear out.

Where as ‘Belief in Sorrow’ starts the album and sets the tone, ‘Belief in Hope’ ends it and you really feel like you’ve got something off your chest. The music is so emotive and passionate that the sheer power of the music and vocal delivery give you this release like you’ve gone through something horrible and come to terms with it, they’ve managed to make a real emotional journey with this album it sounds like an honest hearts on the sleeve, all out release of a record.

Somehow Descent manages to sound epic even though it only clocks in at around thirty minuets and some of the songs only around two, they’ve got an ear for a tune and a concise vision that’s executed with an intense passion that keeps you coming back for more. Maths follows up the split EP in fine style, if you’re into heavy guitar music with heart and emotion that manages to keep well clear of cheesy cliché and an emo mope then Maths are for you.

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