Friday, 20 November 2009

Sigha – Rawww/Hold Your Heart Up To The Light/Untitled #2 [Hotflush Two]

Sigha hits back with three subtle slices of deep dub techno on another 12” for Hotflush Two. There is a really hypnotic aquatic feel to his productions and a tracky minimal style that just rolls and rolls with the smallest of progression until you’re locked in the groove submerged in bass and dubby techno rhythms. He operates somewhere between the London/Berlin/Bristol sounds of the gray area that fuses dubstep andtechno he fits with people like Emptyset or October just as easily as he does Scuba and Shackleton.

The ten-minuet roller ‘Rawww’ is the chirpiest of the bunch with bright synths that work up through the water like bubbles in a futuristic tech soup made of nano-bots and a nice easy groove that ebbs and flows with enough punch in the beats to make you move and enough sub in the bass to give you that eyes closed blissed out dance floor feel. ‘Hold Your Heart Up To The Light’ is a deeper broken groove affair, its got a half step techno thing going on not unlike the recent Kowton 12” on Keysound or indeed Scuba’s last double EP. Sigha’s use of clicks, crackles and field sounds really bring some atmosphere to his productions. ‘Untitled #2’ sits in the ground somewhere between the last couple in a swirling bumping world of it’s own hypnotising you in its techno Zen.

This is another quality platter from Sigha and Hotflush they really know how to keep the techno sounds alive in dubstep today and show signs of becoming not only main stays in techno DJs sets but maybe even leading them in new directions. His first 12” is still a personal favourite of mine but this one is easily on par.

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