Friday, 22 January 2010

DVA – Natty / Ganja [Hyperdub]

Scratcha DVA drops his debut 12” for the iconic Hyperdub with his own take on the funky sound, one that the grime producer has been perfecting for some time. After the infectious Jelly Roll EP DVA hits back with two prime cuts of dark no nonsense percussive funky.

The snares on ‘Natty’ have that off-centre skippy nature, like skimming a pebble over open water and they really give the track a lilting groove, which plays off the tribal percussion in fine style, switching from one subtle groove to the other only to be enhanced by the pulse of a ragged bass tone that really makes things swing. It’s so simple but so effective, a dark side funky track that really gets under the skin. ‘Ganja’ is less reliant on the percussive interplay and instead hinges on the catchy sinuous bass line that winds its way around the track not unlike DJ Mujava’s ‘Township Funk’, a cycle of whining bleeps that twists into dance floor oblivion.

Hyperdub always do funky differently, be it the smeared synths of Kode9 or the loved up deep and spacious sounds of Cooly G and DVA brings his own dark and minimal take on the sound with this 12” too. ‘Natty’ is a percy and ‘Ganja’ is kind of addictive, solid 12”.

Originally written for Sonic Router.

DVA is playing Leeds on 10th Feb with Heny G on an old school garage flex and Ramadanman @ Tropical, Wire. He’s done a mix and the flyer looks shit hot so check it all out here.


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