Friday, 29 January 2010

Throats – Throats EP [Holy Roar]

Throats first appeared on my radar after doing an insane split EP with Maths way back… and later with the_Network both releases tore me a new one by starting with the ears and shredding everything else from there. So with 2009 bringing a full solo release from Maths with the wonderful Descent it’s brilliant to see Throats step out on their own and drop their debut solo record on Holy Roar. And you know what? It’s brutal.

‘Wake’ sets upon you like a maniac pouncing from the shadows to kick off the EP, with a tense prowling hardcore riff and brutal bursts of drums. ‘My Hands Are Cold’ takes the energy levels up even further with double time drumming and thrashy dense riffs alongside the primal screaming. ‘Fuck Life’ is so aggressive and cathartic that it’s like a carnal release from the beast within, plus it really twists it’s self into some serious riffs at the mid point that make you want to windmill your TV off the stand, if you happen to be listening to the EP in your front room... ‘Failgiver’ has a hardcore stomp like a rampaging dinosaur, there is just no let up here at all, and it’s all raw and hyper-fuelled brutal emotion. ‘Something Low From This Way Comes’ with its chugging low slung riffs comes on like a wall of sound that’s getting shredded by drum bursts as lethal as nunchucks, plus there is a killer solo. ‘Oak/Wait’ finishes off the EP in a high-speed throat shredding fashion and before you know it you’ve been led down a brutal path and you’re out the other side bruised, battered but laughing and full of adrenaline from the experience.

Throats kill it here; harness their pure cathartic energy into some truly beastly tracks. Holy Roar come with the goods again and show that you can have emotive music that isn’t wet, Throats have a heavy as hell quick fire hardcore sound that just screams release and the listening experience is a treat, instead of feeling knackered from the outburst of power/emotion, its kind of energising.

Throats practice from Throats Dude on Vimeo.

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