Saturday, 31 January 2009

Vessels – Descent (Remix)

Vessels are one of my local bands, I say local they are based in Leeds and I’m a bit out of the way but I just count Leeds as a bit of a musical home town for me as it’s so damn vibrant.

This is a remix of Descent by guitarist and electronics wizard from the band Lee Malcolm. And I think he does an excellent job, I’ve not heard much else from the band but this track is just so sublime. I’m glad it dropped into my inbox for me to share with you guys.

The track has a beautiful mellow kind of electronica meets post-rock feel to it not unlike the wonderful Leeds band Worriedaboutsatan who do a similar mixture with great success and who are also fond of a remix. More about them another time though this is Vessels time.

Descent is an addictive track that makes me feel a little bit warm and fuzzy on the inside. The subtle builds grow into sweeping soundscapes before dropping into a mellow acoustic breakdown with beautiful plucking and mesmerising electronics. This loops and loops to make the second half of the track a true gem. Check it for your self bellow…

Thank you Cuckundoo Records for hooking me up so I could share some Vessels.

Vessels – Descent (Remix)

Check this video out to see what they sound like in none-remixed form it’s a super slow-mo relaxing trip until they get all brutal on our asses and whip out the post-rock guitars, good stuff.

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