Sunday, 1 February 2009

Murcof – Death of a Forest

I just remembered I had this little nugget in my in box from the lovely label Leaf I was kind of sleeping on it a little while so that I could put it up with a more substantial review of Murcof’s work, but I haven’t got round to grabbing any yet…

So here it is a sublime slice of orchestral beauty from The Versailles Sessions album, which was recorded a while ago with a baroque orchestra and then shaped into some deeply dark soundscapes by the man Murcof.

I really love his stuff; the deeply spacey album Cosmos is still one of my favourite late night sound tracks. He uses organic orchestral sounds in such a brilliant way by melting them seamlessly to warm electronics to give the whole thing a really beautiful contemporary classical feel.

If you’re a fan of deeply dark and wonderful soundscapes Murcof is the man for you.

Murcof – Death of a Forest

I’m also really digging this video mainly for the sinister roller skate shots in the opening scenes you don’t get that very often.

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