Friday, 3 July 2009

Floatingpoints – J&W Beat/K&G Beat [Planet Mu]

I originaly wrote this for the sublime Sonic Router but I thought I'd put it up here too as its so damn good plus I'm excited my 12" is on its way to me right now. Have some words...

Floatingpoints aka Sam Shepherd a composer and producer residing in London via Manchester has already made an impact on the thriving beat scene after only a handful of releases on labels like Eglor Records that he runs with Alexander Nut, R2 and now Planet Mu. With a mix on Mary Anne Hobbs’ Experimental show already under his belt he really is making moves and you can see why.

J&W Beat has some of the skippiest funky rolling garage rhythms around, which is underpinned by a seismic dancehall bass, dense melody and psychedelic bleeped out synths. K&G Beat on the flip takes things a little deeper with the electronics and pads taking more of a prominent roll. Both tracks have a really warm soulful even jazzy feel but unlike some of Floating Points deeper house/disco style cuts, which are more grounded this sounds like they came from outer space.

He takes slanted 2-step and hip-hop beats, smeared synths and layers of mesmerising atmospheric electronic trickery coupled with some earth moving bass and that all important slice of soul that runs through all his work. This is defiantly one of the most exciting sounds on the underground today Floatingpoints show how its done.

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