Monday, 27 July 2009

Mount Kimbie – Sketch on Glass [Hotflush]

Dom and Kai aka Mount Kimbie are back with their second offering on Hotflush after the sublime debut EP Maybes earlier in the year, which got them noticed by such a diverse range of music heads. Being on Hotflush they pretty much got picked up right away by the dubstep community but Mount Kimbie’s sound takes them beyond that and into the consciousness of everyone from hip-hop heads to post-rock fans and beyond.

The EP kicks off with the future soul glitch riddled ‘Sketch on Glass’ with its short, tight bleepy organ like stabs, crunchy popping drums and a big fat bass not unlike one Joker might dream up. The pitched vocals and pure unadulterated funk of this track just kills it, no one does it quite like Kimbie.

The deep earth shaking drones of ‘Serged’ sound like a natural progression from the ‘Maybes’ EP there is the same post rock meets dub and hip-hop though bleeps and soul feel to it. This is a laid back, eyes down mesmerising piece of music.

The flip opens in a similar vein, ’50 Mile View’ has big echo chamber stabs, ambient pianos and high-tech drums that sound like they’ve been taken from R&B from the year 3000. The vocoder vocal likes that play off the beats and funk-drenched soundtrack really get in your head.

Sketch on Glass finishes with ‘At Least’ with its loops, crackle and double bass before a drum shuffle takes you away and the deep soundscapes of Mount Kimbie wash over you. This drops into some serious bleep funk and sub sonic bass manoeuvres and a voice comes out of the blue asking if there any other effects on and it all turns into a dreamy outer space number.

On this EP Mount Kimbie take their sound even further and into bleepier glitch riddled twisted dance floor areas. The future funk and soul shines through, no one else really sounds like them. There nearest contempery is probably Kimbie collaborator James Blake, sound wise they have a similar pallet but still come out in slightly different directions. Hotflush are pushing boundaries as ever and the two Mount Kimbie EP’s are up there with the best of them this year, they’re the very definition of essential.

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