Friday, 31 July 2009


I just realised I’ve not really pushed any young indie/whatever bands in a little while on this here blog so I got curious and wondered what up and coming young things were making the good stuff, so take a look at what I found…

The XX

I’m addicted to the track ‘Crystalised’ its got this melancholic, cool, calm and collected feel to it that draws you in. Nothing else has quite stuck with me as much as that but their debut album in on its way and I’m looking forward to seeing what it has to offer.


Spunky upstarts with a razor sharp party style punk rockin’ pita shitting sound. They are singed to the fantastic Holy Roar and already have their debut album called ‘Cardio-Vascular’ on the shelves (note to self… buy it).


The only Americans in this little roundup for some reason… But anyway they make a mad racket that I can only describe as a lo-fi indie noise crunk crossover, full of loops and 909s, its strange and pretty addictive. They have a few EP’s out right now I think. I’d love to see some MC’s jump on these beats, its almost grime-y.


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