Tuesday, 22 September 2009


Meet Me In Saint Louis were a hell of a band and their debut and only album Variation On Swing has become a bit of a cult classic in certain circles and its easy to see why. So to celebrate its 2nd birthday I’m happy to feature this news story from their label Big Scary Monsters.

‘Thursday 24th September is MMISL Day; the 2nd anniversary of Meet Me In St Louis' debut album release. Everyone is urged to dig out their copy of the 'Variations On Swing', crank it up loud and pay their respects to this much-missed band.

To aid this process, Big Scary Monsters have re-printed one of MMISL's old t-shirt designs and are selling it, along with their 2006 debut 5 track EP, 'And With The Right Kind Of Eyes….. Get them both from

Happy MMISL Day for Thursday!’


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