Saturday, 26 September 2009

Teengirl Fantasy

It may sound like some kind of dodgy 80’s softcore porn/teen drama, delete where applicable… but instead of that you get a big dose of achingly hip DFA-esq house music and its some of the best retro sounding slightly indie dance music I’ve heard for a while. These peeps will be remixing all your favourite hipster bands in no time or they should be to get their name about a bit along with the likes of Pictureplane and BDRMPPL who were probably the last noisy, lo-fi almost retro sounding dance groups I found that engaged me so much. Check out the two free EPs pukekos put up bellow they’re wicked.

Portofino ~ Teengirl Fantasy ~ from Teengirl Fantasy on Vimeo.


Official (Creepy) Website:

There are lots of bits to read and download on No Pain In Pop here:

You can also download two EPs for free from the pukekos blog here:

1 comment:

Rasmus said...

Love that pathos driven sound. Very interesting percussion too. Nice to hear some of that 80's electro that actually dares try out something new.

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