Friday, 18 September 2009

Wedge & Shadz - Running Away/Guido Remix [If Symptoms Persist]

Wedge’s label If Symptoms Persist drops one almighty bad boy as its 001 ‘Running Away’ is a slick R&B, MC infused slab of bass music, Shadz on the mic running through and Wedge on the buttons. Now Wedge has been a Bristol stalwart for some time now and a member of the almighty HENCH crew, you know the guys: Jakes, Komanazmuk, Headhunter, Whiteboi, etc... Not to mention his Sub FM show that’s been going for years, you can tune into that every other Tuesday 10-12 online worldwide and it often features big boys from the Bristol scene like Gemmy, Appleblim, Jakes and that only scratches the surface. The dudes busy mind, he also produces and this is the debut release on his very own If Symptoms Persist label.

First off you just have to give props to Shadz, just looking at his myspace he’s got 23 dates lined up from now until December at least. Now you don’t get that amount of bookings if you’re not THE shit especially in a place like Bristol with a thriving scene. And on ‘Running Away’ he takes it and makes it his own. He spits soulful vocals and big bars over some spaced out beats there is just a perfect mix of R&B, dubstep and smooth grime here.

The purple warrior Guido drops a rare remix, in fact this has to be one of the first remixes I’ve seen that bears his name and easily the first that’s available on a release you can actually buy. He turns up the subtle soul of the original by adding skipping beats and his own distinctive brand of purple drenched future soul, this really gives the whole track a different vibe. When the verse kicks in and the vocals of Shadz play off deep dubby descending bass motifs it’s enough to give any dance floor a kicking.

If Symptoms Persist looks to be a label to watch with some heavy weight producers rolling through and this 12” with Wedge, Shadz and Guido is no exception, big tracks from Bristol taking in futuristic bass tones from grime, R&B and dubstep to create a really unique vision.

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