Saturday, 10 April 2010

Brandy - Angel In Disguise (Fantastic Mr Fox Remix) / Erykah Badu – On & On (Pariah Remix) [ERCA Mystery Projects]

Two hotshot producers take on some seriously soulful R&B tracks and twist them into their own unique shapes. Fantastic Mr Fox comes hot off the back of the brilliant Sketches EP on Black Ache, while Pariah warms things up in anticipation for his R&S material dropping. Both of these artists are very different but share some traits: An off-kilter soulful vibe fed through bassy synth funk and deconstructed garage rhythms, it’s a sound that suits an R&B bootleg down to a tea. FMF takes on Brandy and Pariah goes for Erykah Badu.

First up FMF with a swooning bleep and bass synth workout backed with garage rhythms and ghostly fragments of Brandy vocals. Its super smooth and spaced out, taking the obscured vocal coda that goes something like, ‘I love you when it rains’ and twists it into a twisted hook. Pariah comes with so much soul it’ll make you melt. He takes the original vocals and makes a new backing full of bumping R&B drums and floating synth lines full of melody and morphs it with his own haunted off-centre hip-hop-garage sound.

Both artists make a uniquely off-centre, wistful and melancholy garage-esq take on some R&B big guns in fine style. Not only are they fun counterparts of to artist’s original work but they should also bring some serious soul to the dance floor.

Fantastic Mr Fox – Sonic Router Mix

Pariah – Sonic Router Mix

Originally written for Sonic Router.

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