Monday, 26 April 2010

Rare Villains – Embezzlementals [Highpoint Lowlife]

Atmospheric hip-hop instrumentals from the new Highpoint Lowlife signing Rare Villains, a Dutch duo who make some late night, stripped back stealth mode beats. Embezzlementals is a thirty minuet beat tape that is heavy on the low-end, electro synths and crisp beats. It all sounds so sinister that it could soundtrack a smoky late night cartoon crime thriller.

The open credits start in that fashion as the smoke machine whirs into action on the synth led ‘Anthremedieum’ with its slow deliberate beats and cityscape sensibilities. ‘Last Train’ rolls through with a lob-sided swagger and melancholic darkness. Rare Villains keep it simple, never cluttered. The addictive bass and melodies of ‘Status Angry’ sound like Dr. Dre has been taken down an ally for questioning by a shady organisation on a scene cut from Blade Runner. The eerier jazz-like digi shuffle of ‘Harmony’ oozes into the smeared synths of ‘Dychoned’ and you feel that you should be making your own diabolical plot or make some kind of shadowy shipment.

’’ and the closer ‘Bonkar’ both come off sounding like a glitch addled broken version of ‘Tortured’ by Coki that’s been found in a NYC back street gutter after a soundclash that got nasty, but the with the high end taken out and added hip-hop swagger. The head nodding bass bump of ‘Prophet’s Walk’ keeps the minimalist funk coming, the snappy snares and gangsta melodies make it a highlight. ‘Villain Steez’ keeps the darkness coming with buzzy synth tones and a moody atmosphere that turns even more sinister on ‘East-Berlin’ with its gritty rumbling undertones.

Rare Villains have created a beat tape that drips in darkness and a subtly menacing atmosphere all made through minimal synth lines, deep bass and snappy beats. You’ll find yourself coming back for more.

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