Monday, 19 April 2010

Worriedaboutsatan – Heart Monitor

Brand new material from Worriedaboutsatan is always welcome around these parts so the super limited single (100 only) Heart Monitor, which you can grab if you’re quick here, picks up where the fantastic Arrivals left off. Swooping postrock addled minimal techno infused beauty.

The intro ‘Eyes closed’ surges into the main event ‘Heart Monitor’ with ease, a track which sees Worriedaboutsatan use the vocal talents of Greg Hoepffner who emotes the coda, ‘give me your heavy heart’ in a sweet gentle tone over a bed of bubbling beats and bleep that echo the titles message, the wide screen bass tones add another layer of emotion to the record, subtly bringing a mysterious physical feeling into the mix that pulls you with it sucking you into the track. Pulsing electronics and slow progressing melodies make this a tender slice of electronica that just keeps building subtly and aches with raw emotion. This track is a personal favourite for sure.

The single keeps the theme going with ‘Respirator’ with eerie loops of echo drenched breathing and rumbling tones pulsating under emotional female vocals and distant guitars before it all rolls off into nothing. You’ll also find her.eyes.like_static remixing ‘Heart Monitor’ and they do a fine job just like they did on the Arrivals Remixed compilation to ‘You’re In My Thoughts’. They take the original’s tender emotion and flip it into a mass outpour of abrasive, passionate energy. Distorting the melodies and making it screech with raw slow and deliberate power.

It comes in a beautifully put together package with the CD, which also includes the stems for you remixers out there, a badge, cloth print and a page from a 70s cardiology book, which is an interesting read. Worriedaboutsatan keep dropping moving slices of postrock/minimal/electronica that blur the lines of those genres with ease. Heart Monitor is one to treasure.

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