Friday, 14 November 2008

Distance – Repercussions

Distance drops album number two on Planet Mu, his first ‘My Demons’ was brilliantly received by dubstep headz and allot of normal people too (I’m one of the headz if you’re asking by the way). His latest offering ‘Repercussions’ looks to follow in its footsteps with a sure swagger and balls as big as it’s bass weight and if you know Distance you will know that is pretty damn hefty.

Turn your speakers up high; I mean you have to feel this album, sure put it on in headphones and bask in it’s beautiful textures but you may want to punch yourself somewhere tender every now and again just to get that big bass effect at the same time... To really feel the full ‘Repercussions’ you want the speakers to quiver in fear and the bass pulse to hit your square in the chest. The production is tight so it just sounds huge on pretty much any system; I guess it’s just powerful music.

A dark foreboding atmosphere rings through the whole album, it kind of sounds like a huge metallic beast stalking the streets of London in the dead of night. Distance is kind of like an older brother of Burial who is more into metal than 2-step.

The tracks are subtler and more percussive compared to his debut album. Tracks like Out Of Mind take Arabic style beats and twanging strings layered over the top of massive bass and clattering half step beats. It sounds like something Dusk & Blackdown may have done on Margins Music. The track Free Me follows in a same sort of vain but with Distance’s love for film samples shining through with a quality speech about devils and angels really adding to the feel of it.

You still get some absolute floor shaking dance floor material though in the form of Magnesium, Koncrete, Mirror Tell and Skeleton Grin. They take some industrial guitar style noises and twist them into growling monsters of the night. The drums on these tracks are pure rock as well; Distance is the master of transferring metal energy into dubstep beats.

Repercussions is a deep, flowing album that is easily digested as a whole, it ebbs and flows brilliantly so one minuet you are sitting back with your eyes closed hypnotised by the groove then you find yourself nodding your head with one hell of a bass face.

The title track Repercussions is another highlight, and to be fair there really isn’t a low-light on here. The layers of drums offset an almost wonky sounding industrial synth line that bounces with a boign that builds and drives forward making your feet move and your head nod. Even though these tracks use some metallic sounds and can be kind of industrial there is a very human warmth to the sound, it flows so organically.

Distance pulls off another quality album with Repercussions.

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