Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Marvins Revolt – Killec

Melodic, mathematical and full of pop hook’s while keeping things energetic and rocking; Copenhagen’s Marvins Revolt have pulled off one hell of a balancing act that bands like Foals, Yourcodenameis:Milo (R.I.P.), Biffy Clyro or even someone like The Automatic couldn’t quite achieve, musically anyway they aren’t quite as huge as those lot right now.

Killec was self released by the band back in 2007 but now it’s got a full release on The Richter Collective in the UK, which is a welcome scenario if you ask me.

Each track is a joyous, powerful romp full of melodies that will make you smile but all the while keeping the cheese out of the way and piling on nice inventive song structures and parts.

Opener Deliberate Deeds starts off as they mean to carry on with a driving catchy guitar hook and fun time handclaps, before smacking you with a sugar sweet synth line and vocals that really get in your head.

The skiting rhythms of Bugs in Time propel things forward with a propulsive energy that builds with subtle guitar progressions and harmonies. There is nothing really innovative about this band but they do their thing really well so what more could you want, hey?

Another highlight is the catchy New Years in Warsaw where some heavy guitar crunches and a pounding drum workout punctuate another pop smash hit. This is one tight band that can turn and twist out mathematical melodies a-plenty; I bet the live shows are a real joy to behold.

If you in need of a sugar shot to the arm with some melodic indie-rock pop that wont make your brain bleed then Marvins Revolt are the band for you. File them next to bands like Cats and Cats and Cats, Tubelord, Adebisi Shank, Blakfish and This Town Needs Guns and you will be in good hands. Killec is a joy to listen to.

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