Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Throats and the_Network – Notes From The Turncoat Campaign

Holy Roar unleash another brutal storm in the form of a split EP featuring two wicked bands. Throats are some kind of monster of a band that incorporates hardcore energy and heaviness with a bit of an epic metal style at times too. the_Network are from the USA, New Hampshire to be exact. It’s the first time Holy Roar have hooked up a Trans Atlantic collaboration and it’s a sweet one at that. the_Network are insane, I say insane but this is no dumb ass heavy metal stuff. It’s heavy as hell yes, but it doesn’t’ skimp on creativity.

Throats open the EP with three tracks of what can only be described as pure energy streaming out of the speakers. Screams and grinding guitars clash and melt into massive heavy riffs while drums smash and skip with a beastly brutality. It’s only about five months since they last dropped a split EP on us with the excellent Maths also on Holy Roar and Throats have not let up at all in the mean time.

All of the tracks are crackers but Hibernate sounds pretty damn special to my ears. The opening riff is awesome and when another guitar starts joining in and the harmonies of the two sound like the pitch is bending up the tension builds and builds before the grinding punk noise smashes you in the face. This then breaks down into a bit of a slow groove for the first time on the whole EP and you get chance to catch your breath before it all kicks off again.

the_Network’s side of the split fits so well with Throats style it all just flows so well as a whole EP. I’m pretty sure they are some sort of hybrid of hardcore / grindcore / punck / metal they are pretty intense anyway. They can scream like creatures from the underworld of long gone prehistoric times or even have a good old sing as they do on the final track R. Taylor.

Rabid Electronics kicks off the_Network’s section and it’s like fighting off a deranged dog with a power drill. Well it probably doesn’t sound as gruesome as that but you get the idea. 500 Pounds of Idiot is hard as hell as you would expect from such a title. They have this testosterone-fuelled beastliness to there sound.

These two bands shred fucking face and kick arse grab it.

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