Saturday, 1 November 2008

Sunship Featuring Warrior Queen - Almighty Father (Skreamix)

Skream has been in the scene for what seems like forever and being the nice guy he is he has decided to unlock his dungeon or where ever he keeps his tunes, maybe it’s the fridge next to his Stella, I don’t know. But he has decided to give away this lost gem for free, so grab it while it’s hot people, I doubt it will be up forever and I’m one to start re-hosting stuff. Check all the love in the thread over at dubstepforum. Badman…

‘Its been so long thought i might aswell share it..... The mix downs not the best in the world but i did make it 04' so........ Here ya go hope u enjoy it!’



p.s. while I’m on a nostalgic dubstep tip check out Blackdown’s recent blog post it’s fascinating and has some really good pictures. So good I’m going to put it up here too…

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