Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Durrty Goodz – Ultrasound

Original writen for Sonic Router, see it and more here.

The long awaited next CD from Durrty Goodz is finally here and it’s taken time. Ultrasound is the pre-album to the highly anticipated album Born Blessed and the follow up to one of the top grime releases to date the on point Axiom EP.

It’s so good to have him back and Ultrasound doesn’t disappoint, it may not reach the heights of Axiom but it’s solid. There is no need to skip a track, which is good going for a grime CD.

There’s some big productions on here, every beat is huge sounding and punchy. Nocturnal, Rudekid, Taz Buckfaster, Bouncer, Demos, Maniac and Joker all pull out the big guns. A lot of the time they find the middle ground between grime and dubstep, which really suits Goodz not to mention, kills it.

Goodz deals with grime matters mostly, like people going mainstream and electro, the death of raves and the scene. But he does it with a big shit eating grin big bars and hooks.

Highlights include the hyper strings and bass of ‘Party N Rave’ about the state of grime raves. Buckfaster’s ‘Destruction’ is an absolute beast, pure gully. ‘Upset Me’ has a quite dig at Wiley over a minimal bleep beat. The radio sampling ‘Grime Killers’ is a banger and pretty much sums up the CD’s lyrical tip. ‘Forward Skip’ featuring MC Stephen Hawkins really gets in your head with its hype hook.

If this is just the warm up for Born Blessed we are in for a real treat as the levels are high on this one.


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