Monday, 16 February 2009


Space age techno maneuvers from the Highpoint Lowlife crew from London. Kwaidan is a one off project from Fisk Industries and I for one hope that it becomes more than just that, as these two tracks are something else.

Kwaidan melt together the feel and space of dubstep with some of the aesthetics and tempo of techno to make a deeply hypnotic, dark piece of work.

Plenty of dub techno just takes the four to the floor kick and dubs out some synth chords but the Kwaidan project spaces things out further by brining a swing to things with a stepping rhythm. Kontext and A Made Up Sound do similar things in this tempo.

A fairly aggressive techno synth growl drives things about half way through on ‘Hoichi’ and pulls you out of one hypnotic state of all the echoed samples, into another bass faced one, before both moods lock together and your really move with the track.

The deep down swagger of ‘Masaki’ follows a similar trend with a subtle build that just gets dirtier and dirtier as the bass locks and pumps with glitching minimal beats.

Two epic slices of dark and spaced out dubstep infused techno from Kwaidan, check it.

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