Sunday, 15 February 2009

Lil’ Wayne

Now there has been some strange moves from Lil’ Wayne recently the maddest of which is that he’s becoming a rock star! I guess he has decided to take over rock like he has hip-hop in recent years with his huge selling album Tha Carter III last year.

Apparently the rock album will be called The Rebirth and it’s going to be interesting to say the least from the bit’s and bobs that seem to have leaked. Prom Queen is a cheesy Papa Roach meets T-Pain Auto Tune Metal track it’s pretty much the worse thing I’ve heard of his in ages and I heard two very weak mixtapes at the end of last year, Dedication 3 and The Empire. Then there is this track (see video) it’s alright I guess it even sounds a little like a fun version of TV on the Radio if you really really make your ears squint, oh and maybe ignore the Green Day vocal steal at the beginning...

Lil’ Wayne: Hot Revolver

But that isn’t what is giving me hope about Weezy no that rock stuff is just a vaguely funny sideline for me, you know good that he is trying new things and all that but the dude really needs some quality control.

The stuff that is making my ears prick up are the mad and dirty tracks that seem to be leaking all over the place with The Neptune’s superstar Pharrell. The first that hit my ears was called, ‘Yes’ and it featured pretty much the only example I can think of to date of a dubstep wobble bassline in a hip-hop track. The beat was pretty sick, but some of the bits Pharrell did were kind of lame unfortunately. The next is the dirty gangster banger, ‘Ay Man’ it opens again with Pharrel on the mic and well he has never been the strongest in front of the mic as he has been behind but the beat and Weezy verses are sick. There are hooks all over the place; it’s kind of like a Wayne version of a Clipse joint but more about girls than crack.

Anyway Lil’ Wayne continues to confuse and entertain in his own retarded way so if you want to hear a snap shot of all these strange directions at once try and hunt down a mixtape called ‘Hottest Nigga Under The Sun’ it’s the best mixtape I’ve heard of his since Tha Carter III dropped and he seems to be back on some sort of track that varies from gang bangers, rock and unashamed R&B pop.

Go and check out ‘Yes’ & ‘Ay Man’ over at the excellent We Yo! Wzers blog

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