Sunday, 14 June 2009

F – Epilogue / Epilogue (Ramadanman Rerub) [7even]

Another 12” from France’s premier techno infused dubstep label 7even, this time not only featuring long time contributor and all round badman F but also sometime French resident and Hessle Audio co-owner Ramadanman. This is the ninth release so far for 7even and the third by F and let me tell you they haven’t missed a single step.

The original is a deeper than deep mood piece with a 4x4 pulse and subtle pads that gently build over loops that sound like a tiny machine wiring into life. It’s got the ambiance and delicacy of Kompact’s GAS in the way the elements flow. It’s a beautiful track made for late in the night, in-fact so late that the sun is just starting to appear on the horizon. Simply sublime…

Ramadanman’s Rerub on the flip takes all the elements of the original and shakes it up for the dance floor, but Rama being Rama and turning his hand to many style from D’n’B to techno and funky has made this into a tech house meets funky jam, with grate results. He takes away some of the deepness in favour of swing and energy, by tweaking some of the elements that were buried deep in the original and throwing them out front and putting it to an almighty soca / house beat.

This is one solid plate from F, Ramadanman and 7even. Each side does something truly different from sublime deepness to bumping tetchiness, it’s a match made in 7even.

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