Monday, 22 June 2009

Whizz Kid – The Yellow and Blue [Bearsuit Records]

Whizz Kid is a brand new collaboration between J-Kane aka Pornophonik and singer Yo Yo Nielsen, this is their debut four track EP working together. An album is already in the works too so this is a taster of what’s to come. Whizz Kid makes an interesting blend of dreamy funk fuelled breakbeat and smokey electronica that sounds like it came from the back of beyond.

Summer Bubbles kicks off The Yellow and Blue, with spooky piano before the breaks set in and add a little funk to the proceedings as tinkles of shimmering electronics play sunshine melodies. The title track takes things a lot darker and adds vocals to the proceedings, the deep gravely voice of Yo Yo brings a slightly disturbing feel to the other worldly synth and string samples. The break beat gets darker this time too, with tight punch hits.

Some Kind of Temporary almost verges on Big Beat in its rhythm section but not quite its just good solid breaks chopped and screwed into dance floor shapes while a halftime string/orchestral melody plays above. The EP starts with sunshine in Summer Bubbles and ends with a chill, Snow Burning is another vocal cut with an ambient dreamy flavour underpinned by breakbeats, this is probably the most hypnotic of the tracks, the piano and xylophone melodies that go along with the mellow gravely vocals give a melocholic and ghostly vibe.

The Yellow and Blue EP by Whizz Kid is an interesting and compelling piece of work from the fledgling project of J-Kane and Yo Yo Nielsen. A taster of things to come and the spooky breakbeat meets smokey vocal electronica. If you’re a fan of people like Lemon Jelly or maybe even the dark side of Mr Scruff then Whizz Kid is well worth a look.

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