Friday, 12 June 2009

Milanese – Lockout [Planet Mu]

Rough ready and raw bass businesses from San Francisco’s Milanese, streetwise vocal excursions meet dub wise dancehall in a techno style on this his second album Lockout on Planet Mu. Versions and remixes rub shoulders with original productions to make a heavy as hell album that’s ready for the dance floor with an almost militant street bass energy.

The tracks here are dark and hard-hitting and full of energy, the vocals from Ben Sharpa, RQM & Oliver Grimball give some of the tracks a slight hip-hop edge as do some of the use of samples, hell the Unique 3 remix even brings a R&B influence to the table, ‘Shake What Ya Moma Gave Ya (Milanese Remix)’ is even a version of a hip-hop track. You can hear the odd break and US influence infused into the UK bass sounds, which brings something different.

Tracks like ‘The End’ feature in different guises two by Milanese one original and one freaked out ‘Off Mix’ that flips the original a bit and come on rough and hard. But the real gem of the lot if Untold’s remix that takes a subtler look on things giving it a more organic smoother feel with plenty of trade mark touches like rhythmically deranged drums and mad bleeped out grooves.

Plenty of the basslines sound like they want to tear your arm off and run down the road with a manic grin on their faces; bass can have a face right? That’s where the bass face line is from yeah... This one is defiantly for the DJ’s with all the versions and remixes pretty much made for the mix; it will defiantly add some heavy ammunition to your bag that’s for sure.

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