Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Melt! @ Fibbers, York. 19th June 2009

A brand new club night at Fibbers in York has asked me to come and play out for them and you know what it will be my pleasure.

Melt! Named after a cut from Flying Lotus’ last album Los Angeles, is an eclectic night as you can see from the random genres coming out of the massive ear on the flyer. I’ll be representing the dubstep, w---y (are we aloud to call it wonky yet?) and funky end of the spectrum.

If you don’t know what wonky or funky is, which is understandable as wonky isn’t even a genre as such (see
here) and as grime kid Wiley so eloquently put it in a recent diss track to Skepta, "I've got your throat lumpy, you're stuck in London like funky" you can see that the mutant strain of house hasn’t really reached York yet, so I’ll aim to show it off a bit and most of all get you dancing.

Other DJ’s on the bill include The Haus DJ’s who tore up the first Melt! and other nights at Fibbers including a Scratch Perverts support slot and many a night in Leeds, who play techno, electro, minimal and all that good stuff.

Come along to soak up the vibes, have some reasonably priced drinks, party with your mates and dance.

Haus DJ’s Facebook Group

Melt! Facebook Group

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