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Worriedaboutsatan – Arrivals Remixed [Gizeh Recordings]

If you were lucky enough to pick up the limited addition copy of Worriedaboutsatan’s latest album Arrivals you will know that you not only got the fantastic full length but a whole second disc remixing choice cuts from the album, and what a treat it is too. Don’t be disappointed if you missed it though I swear they mentioned releasing it a bit later in the year on its own merit.

The original explored the areas between post-rock soundscapes full of guitar fuzz and swirling epic structures, glitch riddled electronica and a minimal techno pulse Arrivals Remixed takes these ideas further down the electronic end of the spectrum and ends up with some quality results from a diverse bunch. You get members from all sides turning in remixes: from the post rock end of things you get Her Name is Calla and Glissando, then from the electronic side you get Marco Zenker and p45 amongst others.

The album opens with a sublime little re-interpretation of One Down by Enkidu it’s an acoustic sounding number that’s really catchy and beautiful with loops and field recordings, it sets the scene really well.

Munich’s Marco Zenker turns one of my favourite tracks from the original album Evil Dogs into a deep dubbed out minimal techno bomb, when the kick drum drops its got some power to it. Subtle percussive elements drive things forward as Worriedaboutsatan’s soundscapes get twisted into new techno shapes. This could well be the highlight of the package for me.

The small binding segments of Arrivals that go by the dots even get a twist added to them by Umber..

Leeds producer P45 who I saw warm up for The Mother Fucking Gaslamp Killer and Flying Lotus at Leeds Uni earlier in the year turns in an electro infused drum and bass remix of Arrivals that moves along with a rush of energy, darkside bass drones and ambient pads. It’s a really nice switch up of the original and proves to be another highlight.

The deep space-like arrangement that Khixbrrr come up with for All Things But You Are Silent is beautiful, the bleeps that play off the brooding drones and guitars that are followed by a techno pulse and looped out groove works really well as a middle ground between post-rock and dance music.

Label mates and all round brilliant band Her Name Is Calla turn their talents to I Am A Crooked Man and they bring the string led cello drones and ambient stylings with them, and to great effect. They build a ghostly sound around them, which is only broken by a robotic voice with some lyrics this adds an even more sinister edge to already the spookiest track here.

Her Eyes Static make You’re In My Thoughts into a melancholic yet euphoric grinding electronic meets post rock number not unlike a noisy variation on the M83 sound, its full of bitter sweet ecstasy and I must say its one of my favourite moods in music that energising sadness gets me every time.

The final remix comes in the form of another label mate Glissando who turn their post rock powers into gold on another variant on the track that opened this remix package One Down. They take the pulsing deep synth line and play it over soothing pads of sound its a hypnotic piece.

The remix artists manage to keep the brooding almost romantic, longing nature of the original album and flip it up into different styles it has to be one of the best remix albums around. Worriedaboutsatan have collected some quality remixes that add another dimension to Arrivals, they have also flagged up some artists I just know I have to check out. Arrivals Remixed stands on its own just as well as it does next to the original, a wonderful piece of work.

Worriedaboutsatan have just set up a blog where they put up allsorts ranging from audio of practise sessions, Sportify play lists and remixes of them and by them, along with the usual blogger gubbins. Check it out…

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