Monday, 19 October 2009

Easy Hips / Run, Walk! / Dreamboats / Le Swing – New Roars On The Block 7” [Holy Roar]

Face shredding hip shaking bringers of rock Holy Roar are always on the lookout for new exciting bands that bring the noise and rock the fuck out, which brings us nicely to the ‘New Roars On The Block’ 7” with four brand new bands.

Easy Hips kick off, literally kick off, they sound like a fight just started. They’ve got this thrashy screamo sound that sounds like a shot of adrenalin to the heart. Their tracks ‘White Ace’ and ‘Leopard Print Catsuit Party With Old Man Watts’ come on fast, strong and then they’re over in a flash of flailing arms and sweat.

After the intensity of the first two tracks Run, Walk! Almost sound chilled out, almost… blistering drums clatter and fizz over heavy catchy chords. They use a stripped back set-up to create a hell of a rockin’ noise. I think I’m addicted to them already.

Dreamboat’s rock out the next track, they have a darkness about them, a low slung fuzzed up bass line licks at the heels of some frantic riffing before breaking out into a dark side breakdown. The scream like they mean it with a retrained gravely precession.

Le Swing finish the 7” off with a couple of rip roaring frantic drum machine workouts, and a gutter punked-out sense of energy and an ear for scuzzy melody. They share a member with Easy Hips so bookend the platter well, but Le Swing have a different vibe its just as frantic but different elements are brought to the foreground.

Brand new bands on the block, ready to rip it up and hold take no prisoners. People should take notice; it’s an exhilarating ride. Maybe one day Le Swing will for fill the promise of their track name ‘Ross Kemp On Bands’ and get on TV or the Dreamboats might Run, Walk! and make that party Easy Hips promise on ‘Leopard Print Catsuit Party…’ All I know is that this lot are a blistering listen and demand attention.

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