Friday, 23 October 2009

Unknown – On & On/Cm3 Skank [Idle Hands]

You can’t get any less info than you do on this 12” Unknown artists check, heard loads of their stuff before over the years… there seems to be an A and B side, sorted… wait what’s this Idle Hands! This must be the label nice one… Hold up there is a video on the myspace, this must be some of that acid music…

2562 featured this in a recent mix and BunZer0 who was easily the first names that popped up on google when I was looking for the label myspace has been caning this, big up BunZ always pushing new sounds every Thursday at 6pm on Sub FM. Idle Hands is the label of one Chris Farrel ( of Bristol’s number one stop shop for all things bass Rooted Records and for now we’ll get hand stamped white labels of mysterious producers if that’s alright…

The A side (now with a name ‘On & On’) is so deep and rolling, with its headstrong techno infused hypnotic vision of the dance floor that it will put your hip out of place while skanking. Yet it doesn’t deviate from the Bristol bass sounds, deep rumbling sub frequencies make this track so mesmerising, the hypnotic woodblocks and skipping kicks along with that all-important sharp and snappy snare play off the deep playful synth bubbles beautifully to make a layered lava lamp-aping club tool that really gets under the skin.

The B side (that goes by the name ‘Cm3 Skank’) really takes this cheeky attitude further and flips it into the house/techno arena, sounding not unlike ‘Bounce’ by A Made Up Sound on the recent Colone Basement Series with its off-killter yet locked on grooves and playful block rocking bells, that only remind me of Si Begg’s ‘Mardi Gras Bomber’ as I can’t remember the original classic hip-hop break it samples (extra bonus points to whoever can place that in the comments section bellow). It’s not the bells or bass that make this though it’s the sharp clipped skanked out dub chugga chug sounds that bring the energy, just wait for the first kick drum to drop and see if your wigglin’...

Idle Hands may be a mystery but as all the best mysteries (pretty sure Monk & that death becomes her… dance like bastards too) it’s going to tear up dance floors, you can just see this one getting it’s tempo’s shifted and tweaked into sets as far and wide as Fabric and the West Indian Centre and engaging the crowds.

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