Saturday, 3 October 2009

Scratcha DVA – The Jelly Roll EP [DVA Music]

Grime and funky have been creating some common ground of late things started to get really interesting when the smooth house grooves got the rude boy treatment from the grime heads, who added a bit of raw dance floor power into the mix. So its good to see Rinse FM’s Grimy Breakfast DJ and all round badman producer Scratcha DVA turning his hand to funky after creating some big grime anthems like ‘Nasty Nasty Nasty’, ‘Bullet A Go Fly’ and the monster riddim ‘Kill All A’ Dem’ it’s going to be interesting to hear his funky flex.

The Jelly Roll EP opens strong with the title track, which will bring a smile to even the badest badman’s face with its unashamed cheesy and down right stupid catchy hooks. That isn’t even a diss it’s a full on dance floor bomb for exactly those reasons. It comes on like a smoother, swung and less annoying version of Felix Da Houscat’s Cry Baby. The ascending descending riffs that get tweaked and flipped into bouncy synth lines really make this track and keep it rolling over the laid back soca-esq drum patterns.

The grime beats that is ‘Nasty Nasty Nasty’ makes an appearance in the form of two remixes one from funky maestro Roska who adds his very own deep dark and down right danceable vibes to the track, and the other by dubstepa Sukh Knight who spaces things out and adds that distinct wobble of his. Roska’s remix stands out with its bump and shuffle along with the dubby old school house stabs and his trademark sub.

The real mystery comes in the form of the deep house vibes of ‘Guro Triba’ by Soule Power, which finishes off the EP. This could well be a DVA collaboration who knows… but it does have a nice smooth groove brought on by some bongo action and a steady four four pulse.

Scratcha DVA brings a solid EP to the table Jelly Roll in particular should make the dance go off and with rumoured collaborations with the likes of Cooly G on the cards there should be plenty more to come.

Originally written for
Sonic Router.

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