Sunday, 25 October 2009

Subeena – Solidify Ft. Jamie Woon & Om’Mas Keith/Analyse [Planet Mu]

Subeena caught our ear a while back with her melodic soulful take on dubstep with a deep and hypnotic 2-step meets techno style to it, plus a brilliant mix on the 'X Chromosome' special for Marry Anne Hobbs, a podcast for NYC’s Dub War and her Sub FM show. She also ran until recently Imminent recordings that looks to have been wraped up now, but in its time she brought us the likes of Wagawaga, Pepepe and herself amongst others. This is her debut 12” for Planet Mu.

‘Solidify’ features a tallented pair: Jamie Woon who’s soulful vocals really hit the spot and has even been remixed by Burial in the past, not to many people can boast that! The other is Sa-Ra’s Om’Mas Keith, who bass heads will definitely know from the Mark Pritchard collaboration on Hyperdub from earlier this year ‘Wind it Up’ let alone his off-kilter hip-hop maneuvers. ‘Solidify’ has been around for a while and came out of sessions at the Red Bull Music Academy. Deep melodic midnight rhodes-like keys usher in smooth vocals from Woon and a laid back spaced out beat. This track really gets under your skin, its one for those blissed out loved up mellow moments.

The flip ‘Analyse’ is a solo Subeena production aimed more at the floor with its gentle building synths that twinkle and chime in a really hypnotic melodic fashion all the way thruogh and a techno meets 2-step groove that propels things forward and sits so well with the bass, its such a subtle track that you get sucked into by the melodie and echo drenched pads that get panned left/right to hypnotic effect before a big ol’ sub really punches things home with a slightly meloncholic riff.

Subeena makes some beautiful music that will tempt techno and house heads as well as the dubstep crew the way she uses melody to create a spaced out psychadlic yet light atmosphere on these tracks is a unique and welcom take on the sound. Add to that the tallents of her colaberators this is one solid 12” for Planet Mu.

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