Thursday, 4 March 2010

10-20 – Mountain [High Point Lowlife]

Third in the Landforms series EPs that have already seen 10-20 explore ‘Island’ and ‘Lake’ comes ‘Mountain’ a heady set of tracks. The Devon based producer takes his dense ghostly glitch addled electronica right up the conceptual mountain towards some skewed panoramic views. 10-20 is the sound of millions of nano-bots carrying out minuscule tasks as one flowing organism, turning the tiny elements of sound and shifting them into a cohesive whole like they’re carving a mountain out of found elements in a precise mechanical manner with an otherworldly organic flow.

The four tracks come thick with layers of sound: ‘Wercc’ opens the EP the way it means to go on, you don’t get much let up or change in pace here, just a steady stream of hypnotic glitches that seem to create a free roaming world of their own. ‘Wercc’ has an open air vibe, like your first breath on a cool county walk but it soon gets a little twisted as it’s fed through crunchy glitches and swirls. The ping-pong tweaks and bleeps of ‘Globe’ hit next, they echo an eerie calm under the tweaked out percussion, its reminiscent of an Aphex b-side that’s been washed-out and funk’d up…

‘Majik’ picks up the pace a little, with a spectral breakbeat clatter and airy soulful pads cut into something almost reminiscent of FaltyDL’s urban cityscapes, we’re still firmly in 10-20’s twisted vicinity mind but this track bumps. Finally ‘Littoral’ brings everything to a hypnotic close via echo drenched orchestral drones, space-laser synths and subtle rhythms to a windswept summit.

‘Mountain’ is another strong Landforms addition that takes Highpoint Lowlife and 10-20 nicely into 2010.

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