Sunday, 14 March 2010

RxRy – Snwmltr / RxRy

Mysterious electronica producers are ten a penny so without further a do here comes RxRy, maybe pronounced ‘RexRay’ if I’m reading the myspace page clues correctly came to my attention the other day and the bright and mellow vibes suited the Sunday well. RxRy has a restrained, reflective electronica meets techno thing going on, you can imagine it either on Kompakt or as the soundtrack to the start of a hazy day. There isn’t anything glitchy about it, yet it’s not quite straight forward either. Loops and atmosphere, woozy soundscapes that remind me of the coming spring. Currently unsigned RxRy has released a debut eight-track s/t album and an EP entitled ‘Snwmltr’ as free downloads via the myspace (links bellow too).

Lightly bit crushed crackles, floating pads and strings along with heart pulse drums and subtle yet funky basslines are the mainstay of the RxRy sound and the two releases reflect this. Usually I like my electronica a little rawer or addled with glitches but there is something here that keeps bringing me back. The highlights include: ‘Sw Crstl Mlts’ an uplifting arpegiated almost trance like number from Snwmltr, it just cycles through its melody until some heartbeat drum kicks filter in half way through. The digital beach-scapes of ‘Hlljh Snds’ filter bird song and breeze through zeros and ones until you’re hypnotised by a droning bass tone. ‘Bld Drft’ takes bass guitar loops and keeps them fast and urgent but with that omnipresent dreamy atmosphere still in tact.

The s/t album is where things come into there own though, maybe it’s the added vowels in the titles that did it… The ultra smooth and woozy opener ‘Baulkn Slhts’ gently bubbles under with subtle loops and pads over a kick pulse. There is a melancholy yet hopeful emotional ambiance around RxRy’s music here maybe it’s the sound pallet or the gentle melodies. The electro drum hits on ‘Eaurowi’ play off the melodic pads and shifting subtly digitally distorted guitar loops, there is something a bit post-rock about it. The choppy pads on ‘Prajhil Ryhtm’ feel like a gentle morning light has just crept through your curtains, RxRy even gets a bit funky with the synth bass line here. Maybe the most upbeat track yet ‘Convrtbl Bvbes’ has a house kick and warm, bright looping pads but with a subtly hypnotic layer of guitar floating over it all. RxRy even gets a little evil on ‘Edvrd Rvrfy Guitr’ where he sounds like an outtake to a disturbing cyber chase dream sequence from a long lost SNES game. ‘Cartuulo Ashtry’, the final track eases you out into the calm…

If you’re a fan of gentle bedroom electronica of the likes of Gold Panda or The Field then you’re sure to find something in RxRy, you can get lost in these productions. The tracks seem simple as they progress, there are no wild twists or out there sounds. You just get some blissful slices of bedroom electronica to ease your day.

Edvrd Rvrfy Guitr - RxRy - RxRy 2010 from Rx Ry on Vimeo.

RxRy - "RxRy" 8 song LP

Download here:

RxRy - "SNWMLTR" 4 song EP

Download here:

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