Friday, 12 March 2010

Geiom Ft. Marita – Sugar Coated Lover / Brackles & Shortstuff Remix [Berkane Sol]

Geiom’s Berkane Sol is an essential label and ‘Sugar Coated Lover’ is another reason why. They’ve been exploring the fringes of dubstep, house and garage for quite some time as well as introducing us to some sparkling new talent along the way, see: Brackles, Shorstuff, Spamchop, Earlybird and The Hizatron for example, some even for the first time… The last time Geiom made an outing with vocalist Marita it was on the anthem ‘Reminissin’ so this is a welcome return.

Geiom and Marita’s ‘Sugar Coated Lover’ is a house anthem waiting to happen, the vocals deal with the age old notions of falling in love over melancholic house pads and slinky groove that goes right to your feet and hips because of the infectious bassline and subtle percussive elements that shakes the kick free from its four four pattern while keeping the drive. But most importantly it has that infectious bitter sweat loved up vibe that should bring a smile to the dance floor.

Brackles & Shorstuff pop the cork on the sparkling stuff and drop a remix on a garage flex. They take their energetic 8-bit boogie, a bassline that’s full of momentum and splice it with some of that broken 2-step magic, a dash of cut up vocals and plenty of the original vocal to make it into something with a harder dance floor hustle but with that all important slinky garage bump.

Three producers that have been at the top of their game for a while all showing their flex along with some brilliantly emotive vocals from Marita: equals an essential 12” that will add a bitter sweat dance floor soul to your record bag.

Originally written for Sonic Router.

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