Sunday, 28 March 2010

Scuba – Triangulation [Hotflush]

The second album from Paul Rose the man behind Hotflush, Berlin’s Sub:Stance club night at the legendry Berghain but as well as being an excellent curator he can create too. Producing deep and techy dubstep for many years, he’s been a main player in the scene releasing tracks as Scuba. There are many 12”s I adore from this producer but Triangulation steps up the game and shows scope that he’s only hinted at before on last years Aesuanic EP. From deep ambient passages through rolling techno and dubstep to spaced out minimalist d’n’b variants it takes in various tempos and vibes seamlessly.

The techno pump of ‘On Deck’ and ‘Heavy Machinery’ see Scuba coming at the sound from two different angles the first a big room shaker and the latter a more spaced out Berlin/Detroit experiment with wide screen bass and space age synth melodies. The one two punch of ‘Traces’ and the deep roller ‘You Got Me’ are the sounds of a dark dance floor that is happy to embrace dubstep sensibilities into techno. Big deep dub bass tones and hypnotic driving synth hook.

The sublime ‘Before’ and ‘So You Think You’re Special’ are the sound of melodic slow burning euphoria. Not unlike Hotflush stable-mate Joy Orbison. Lush synth pads, deeply moving female vocal samples, light ambient crackle and a restrained slow burning build make these tracks really shine. Closing tracks, ‘Glance’ and ‘Lights Out’ take blissful dub techno sounds and seep them in melody for an epic finale.

Scuba talks of being inspired by the divers sounds of dBridge and Instra:mental’s Autonomic project and you can hear the open yet cohesive nature of their vision taking hold with Triangulation. He’s happy to explore all sides from low-slung house, rolling dubstep and d’n’b but makes it firmly his own by creating a mood or style rather than an exercise in genre. Where as some artists fall down when they try and open up their sound Scuba really seems to thrive, he sounds inspired and free, which makes the different tempos, vibes and influences melt together as one singular vision.

Scuba - 'Before' from FACT Magazine on Vimeo.

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