Saturday, 27 September 2008

Adebisi Shank – This Is The Album Of A Band Called Adebisi Shank

I reviewed this for the wonderful 3barfire check it out here then read my un-edited less polished version bellow...
Dubliners Adebisi Shank bring the noise with their debut ‘This Is the Album…’, which they recorded in J. Robbins legendary Magpie Cage studio in Baltimore. If your a fan of getting your face shredded with some technical metal instrumentals that manage to keep the fun in a musical style that can so often go into pure indulgent wank, then Adebisi Shank are for you.

They keep the noodles in check and let rip with some really bouncy riffing with melody a plenty. Its a really short album coming in at only 23 mins 15 seconds and 8 tracks. This is pretty refreshing as the noodley end of metal can often be dragged out indulgent wankery for a full on 70 minuets.

But have they done this as they don’t have that many ideas? I’m not too sure they seem to be full of energy I guess time will tell. Adebisi Shank to their merit: keep it short, lean and face shreddingly sweet.

They take the Mathcore / Tech Metal influences of Don Caballero with the dance influence of Battles and a hint of Baltimore’s Oxes. Adebisi Shank, have toured a hell of a lot, even reaching Japan with the math-tacular Lite.

None of the tracks really veer away from the in your face math drenched dance floor rippers and can be quite samey but who cares when its this short and so much fun. ‘You Me’ has a tight sound and the nearest they get to vocals are a vocoded noise that sounds like the cross between a guitar and a voice filtered through a robot saying ‘you’ and ‘me’. The track ‘Shunk’ also has this vocoder effect and a skull crushing build up that makes me want to let out some steam and throw myself around.

‘Minirockers’ is a non-disputed highlight of ‘This Is The Album…’ with some driving and pounding technical drumming that keeps building into crescendo after crescendo. Then there is the dirty release of power with all the scuzz-ridden guitars that lock onto the groove like a sugar rush. This is a booty shaker.

The final two tracks, ‘I Answer To “Doc”’ & ‘Snakehips’ also make you want to move as the latter’s title suggests. “Doc” is maybe the happiest sounding tune on the album with some excellent euphoric melody. The closer is brutal, in your face and has the most bouncing percussion that gives the tune a real energy, before ending the journey through shred and fading away, leaving you reaching for the rewind.

Remember, This Is The Album Of A Band Called Adebisi Shank.

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