Saturday, 20 September 2008

Dean Angel – Crusader of Fruits Island EP (Rack & Ruin)

Really racking up the quality releases R&R drop rrr079 on us and this time it’s a dreamy indie collage in the style of Panda Bear by Dean Angel and remember R&R is free.

EP opener West Coast Takeover Chant is a mellow and spooky arrangement of sounds and, well… chants. It sounds a little like a slice of music that was to moving and to scary to put in the Lion King. His voice is a soaring reverb drenched delight that adds the ghostly atmosphere to each tune.

Hola Jote has a beautiful fragile sounding broken guitar loop, it sounds like its made on a bashed up tin instrument. It’s a lo-fi gem that could be in a scene from a western.

Oheeoh uses atmospheric percussion and that spooky voice of his to make a mesmerising and almost religious track. The thumping boom of the kick is offset by a ticking kind of hi-hat sound; these don’t sound like drums though its some kind of found sound shenanigans.

Caterpillar is one of the highlights for me a truly excellent piece of music. The dreamy loop reminds me of some kind of freaked and tweaked house tune for some reason. Its quite uplifting yet the vocals give it a dark and soaring edge. This builds with some static noise and the loop really starts to hypnotise you like something The Field would do, well The Field mixed with Animal Collective.

Hair Soup closes the EP in lo-fi style with a crunchy a alluring bedding for Dean’s voice. His style is quite different to anything I have heard before, its brooding and melancholic with a kind of baritone feel to it yet he can make it soar. The way he uses it against the hypnotic backing track is a thing of wonder.

Dean Angel’s Crusader of Fruits Island EP is another thing of wonder and delight from Rack & Ruin, they keep on pushing original and compelling artists for the love of it. Download it now and check the back catalogue because if this is the first R&R you have heard you have a treat in store.

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