Sunday, 28 September 2008

Rolo Tomassi – Abraxas / Scabs (Free album tracks)

I’m going to see these lot later on today so I thought to myself, why not put up a couple of their tracks from the recent album Hysterics, I got them from Rolo’s promo people so they are all above board and up for your listening pleasure.

Abraxas is a deranged and beautiful in your face number that takes you on twists and terns at each possible moment. Eva growls and screams like a banshee before some jazz infused grooves come out of the brutality and snap back into more hardcore guitars and disjointed electronics. Scabs, continues this theme and is full of ideas and energy. I can see my self bouncing around to this one, its full of beans.

I wont write to much on theme here as I intend to review the album and a live show, this is just the beginning of the Rolo Tomassi scribblings on this blog for now…

Rolo Tomassi album tracks to give to you for free:



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