Thursday, 18 September 2008

RSD – Over It / Forward Youth 12” (Tectonic)

On the 3rd of November Tectonic drop another plate to shake the dance floor, this time it’s the man the legend RSD. The last release I heard of his was the fantastic Punch Drunk 12” with two slabs of reggae infused dubstep with a huge infectious bassline. This Tectonic release is a techier affair.

‘Over It’ starts off slow and dreamy before the bass weight kicks in and a skipping electro drum section. This opens the way for a dirty dub jungle style minimal bassline. This is some of the most techy stuff I have heard from RSD, I haven’t heard that much though to be honest. ‘Over It’ is a heavy weight tune that rolls on and on and will move the floor in a big way, without the need for a huge hyper drop. Its pure vibes and dance floor material all the way.

Flip the plastic and you get ‘Forward Youth’ with yet more huge vibes this time in the form of a heavy jungelist percussion section and massive bass that just gets bigger and bigger when the drums kick back in. RSD makes some of the punchiest drums I have heard, they are so crisp and punch you right in the chest with the low end. Again this is hard on the techno end of things but with that dubbed out reggae infused thing RSD does so well. Both sides are big tracks you can’t really go wrong.

Another Bristol bomb from the dubstep scene, RSD brings the vibes Tectonic drop the wax.

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Alex said...

hi James - i like your blog. any chance i coudl email you? im alex from holy roar records btw.

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