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Octogen - Gindofask (My 3barfire review)

Anothe review for 3barfire by me...

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Octogen – Gindofask – Out on Soma now

Marco Bernardi is Octogen and Gindofask is the second album under this pseudonym on Soma records, which is the legendary Techno label from Scotland that deals in anything from minimal to full on balls to the wall techno via some techy business. Bernardi, a Glasgow native that dabbles in the deep and soulful future funk techno hybrid that originated in Detroit all those years ago, is bringing some melody and feeling into his dance floor productions.

His debut 2five0nine was well received and Gindofask aims to progress its themes further. He’s worked with other artists such as Percy X in which jackin’ ghetto style electro was the name of the game, Bernardi’s Octogen is a lot more subtle than that though, we get deep…

Octogen manages to both sound retro and futuristic all at once in fine Detroit techno fashion, its like watching an old episode of sci-fi hit Buck Rogers and the robot dude (Twiki?) that loves to say, ‘biddi-biddi-biddi’ all the time; Well you know what? He has learnt how to dance. So put on your tinfoil hat, tie up those moon boots and press play, its robo funk all the way.

The juxtaposition of metallic beats and other machine sounds with the idea that such cold devices can convey emotion and deep soulful feelings is an effective one. Tracks such as, ‘Square Bells’ with their reverberating warmth and melancholic tones play off the clunking blip funk of the drums and bassline, to make your head, heart and body all work as one in some kind of hypnotic dance floor state of bliss.

You’re not really meant to listen to Track three, ‘Sphyxomite’ as the voice warns us at the beginning, we just don’t have the clearance. For all you cheeky lot who decide to ignore this advice, you are in for a detached female vocal track that reminds me of Kraftwerk’s Hall of Mirrors.

The techno two parter, ‘The Emperors Apprentice PT1 & 2’ is a deep and mystical bunch of tracks with bubbling synth lines and half time drum patterns in PT1 and four to the floor kicks in PT2 it bookends the one two punch that is, ‘James’ & ‘Saturn Sun’ in style. The deep ‘Saturn Sun’ is a wonderful slice of pure techno soul music with warmth and emotion (Think Mad Mike & Speed J floating in a bath/space).

The tune, ‘James’ really speaks to me, but that might just be because that’s my name. It’s the closest Octogen gets to the bouncing ghetto electro that he made with Percy X. The 808 drums set the tempo with a slight breakbeat feel as a growling yet subtle bass hums one off in the background.

Octogen’s Gindofask is a top quality release for Soma, with much depth, atmosphere and some good dance floor credentials. The flow of the tracks make this an album to listen to as a whole instead of a collection of singles with some filler, the mistake that so many albums tend to fall into.

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