Saturday, 14 March 2009

Holy State EP (Holy Roar)

I love getting post from Holy Roar as they always deliver something that’s both brutal and a damn good listen, they usually make me want to jump around throw some rock shapes. This debut new EP from Holy State is no exception!

If you’re after 11 minuets of pure punk energy with a meaty backbone and killer riffs then look no further. The melodies they use really stick in your head it’s a real cathartic joy to listen to. I can only imagine what they are like live kicking out the jams.

They manage to sound pretty brutal even if they aren’t the nosiest band around; I mean they don’t scream too much or over drive the guitars into oblivion. They just have a really beefy sound that rocks hard and is packed full of high-tension energy that makes your head rock hard.

Opening track, ‘Comatones’ is a killer. The tone of the guitar is so lush and in your face and the riffs just hold so much vital energy. The vocals are raw, catchy and passionate and when the track breaks down and builds again it’s a real rush. ‘Solid State Messiah (vs The Valve King)’ keeps things rolling and, ‘Repeat and Fade’ smashes you in the face with a killer hook before, ‘Skeleton Coast’ finishes you off feeling a bit bruised but wanting more, the adrenalin still pumping through your veins.

Holy State’s debut EP is a real beast and well worth a punt, go on feel the fuckers roar!

Holy Roar Spring 09 Sampler
(Features Holy State amongst others)

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