Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Kontext – Convex Curved Mirror / Hometown Swamp 12” (Immerse Records)

Originally written for the Sonic Router but we went for MLR’s Resident Advisor version in the end.

If you’re on a minimal infused future garage tip with plenty of glitch and deep vibes then the forthcoming Immerse Records 12” by Russian resident Kontext is the one for you. Techno arpeggio riffs glide over a 2-step riddim and big bass on ‘Convex Curved Mirror’ while the flipside, ‘Hometown Swamp’ dubs it out real deep; it’s a perfect blend of ambient electronica, minimal and dubstep.

Kontext has a sound somewhere between Pole’s electronic yet organic glitches and 2562’s punchy and skippy dubstep techno, with a hint of the more subtle end of minimal maestro Gabriel Ananda’s flowing grooves via the prevalent Basic Channel spaced out dub techno. The bass weight is sold too, with a kind of rhythmic punch to it. He really makes it his own style though with a hypnotic feel and melancholic warmth that oozes quality.

His last EP for Immerse was a killer and this is no exception. Both tracks are subtle builders for the more discerning dance head; let the drums move your feet as the synths take you into a meditative headspace. Sublime.

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