Monday, 2 March 2009

Lukid – Forma

Werk Discs come up with the goods again with a sublime little album from label mainstay Lukid. He brings a sublime and dreamy edge to this thing called wonk, If you’ve been playing Los Angeles by Flying Lotus just a little bit to much for about a year now and your in need of some more of the good stuff, then look no further than Forma.

Where FlyLo brought the crackle and breaks, Lukid does things a little more subtle with a similar lilt and big synths but more emphasis on dreamy loops and soundscapes.

The whole album is beautiful and has an effortless flow to it all the way through, but if I had to pick one highlight it would be the track slap bang in the middle, ‘Chord’. It teases you in with the aforementioned chord looped and looped and looped… before dropping some quality off centre beats and a bassline that really tops things off in sublime style. The bass drones and hits all the sweet spots that vibrate you to your core, all while sticking to the beat and making your feet move. I can’t stop rewinding it, most wheeled track of 09 for me so far.

Forma is full of little chilled gems, it’s a real joy to listen to. Its like someone turned up the heat to make the aqua in aquacrunk a nice temperature to sink into and let wash over you. Lukid’s bass is the best kind of bubble bath. It’s a bit like finding yourself in the scene in the matrix where he wakes up in the goo, but in a good way…

Lukid has soul in his beats a warm, deep soul that really shines. When he uses samples they are subtle and woven deep into the beats and bass to make some beautiful inventive hip-hop, ‘Ski Fly’ is a brilliant example of this. There are many more within Forma though from the delicate opener, ‘Ice Nine’ through the dubbed out block party jam of, ‘Veto’.

If you have ever found yourself up late at night listening to Gangstarr or The Pharcyde in a bit of a haze and really got into the groove and forgot the MC’s existed for a moment, or as I said played a bit to much FlyLo then Forma By Lukid is a step in the right direction.

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