Thursday, 19 March 2009

Lloop - 60 Hertz

Original writen for the Sonic Router, but I had to wack it up again as it's such a quality album.

Rich Panciera is badman bass producer Lloop from Austria. He’s been around since day one engineering sounds and generally making noises. Back in the day he could be seen opening for The Orb or building Bass Mind Studio in Brooklyn, not to mention being part of electronic band WE™.

60 Hertz is a wonderful mix of big Soundsystem bangers and Warehouse party monsters with a dub infused jungle vibe squeezed into a fresh dubstep shape. It’s full of dancehall dubs with a cheeky half step and sonic innovation. This is maybe what Distance would sound like if he was brought up around New York’s dance culture.

Highlights include the dubbed out reggae monster, ‘Ritter Dub’ which has a huge low end reminiscent of RSD and King Tubby. There is a really laid back smokers paradise feel to it, with echo drenched dub samples flying at you from all angles. You can also hear a big hip-hop influence in the sampling, which you would expect form someone so engrained in the NY scene. This can be seen in the dancehall bomb, ‘Conch’ pretty well. Un-sheath your pistol fingers and skank out to, ‘ODB Scripta Elegans’ with its monumental bass that drives under some eerie, gritty samples. Big things.

If you’re a fan of deep, dark and moody explorations in sound from the likes of Untold’s rhythmic shuffle, Shackleton’s doom filled bass shakers or Mala’s dubby soundsystem riddims; Lloop may well push your buttons.

60 Hertz by Lloop is available now on Agriculture Records.


Autumn Rains Last Until Those Of Spring from Bupkus on Vimeo.



Meatbreak said...

Yes Jimi! Awesome album and nicely worded too man. Distance from New York is fairly apt, the heavy urbanity is all there but without the distortion. Listening to this album a lot.

James said...

It's a beauty!

He has a bit of RSD in him aswell if we are lookin for more UK comparisions with his deep dub vibes.

Quality stuff, cheers for the nice comment.


James said...

Here it is on Boomkat.

Best and cheers - James
the Agriculture Records

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