Thursday, 26 March 2009

Trouble Books – The Endless Pool EP (MIE)

Last year I stumbled upon the MIE head honcho raving about this band Trouble Books and the album The United Colours Of… and I just got drawn into the day dream inducing laid back beauty of it all, its a true gem (and it’s still available to buy from

When I heard the new EP was on its way I had to see what was going on and I wasn’t disappointed. The Endless Pool EP is another little bundle of woozy vibes, like a hazy summer morning the sun breaking through as you open your eyes, stretch and get ready to start your day.

The homemade sound of Trouble Books sounds so simple yet so lush and it makes up a whole world of its own. Warm loops made up of found sounds and playful experimentation meet with subtle instrumentation and then out of the blue you get a story or hook sang from one or both of the duo, which really grounds the atmospheric and organic sounds.

Title track Endless Pool opens with a subtle bit of distortion and beautiful tremolo guitars before some sweet vocals and an armchair orchestra swells into drones, before it all breaks down into stripped back guitar that really makes you gasp after the subtle build of noise. The second track flows seamlessly out of that with tape loops building from that old machine I presume they still have from the last album. Hedgehog is a leafy stroll in the morning due as the sun just starts to rise and you take your first breath of fresh air. Tusk Love Revisited finishes off the EP in a dreamy fashion.

I would call this shoegaze if it weren’t so ambient and snugly it’s more like slippergaze (if that existed), it’s just so down to earth and homely. It’s a country cottage compared to My Bloody Valentine’s citywide soundscapes of fuzz. And that’s in no way a diss, Trouble Books make for a compelling listen. Lie back into The Endless Pool…

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